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June 23 Edition:

Reconciling body and identity

TW: Body image, discussion of eating disorders Back in January, I had to get an ultrasound done on my liver and gallbladder after months of pain and nausea had landed me in more doctors’ offices than I’d ever been in. […]

June 16 Edition:

Alcohol and awkwardness

A few weeks ago on my 21st birthday, a friend and I made our way to Good Time Charley’s to buy my first legal drink. We shared a fishbowl called […]

Feeling SOUR about friendship breakups

It’s hard to miss Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, SOUR. People have been listening on repeat across the world — the album is topping charts and breaking records daily. The cause of her immense popularity? I would credit her vulnerable relatability. […]

Recollections of journeys with you

“We keep this love in a photograph / We made these memories for ourselves / Where our eyes are never closing / Hearts are never broken / And time’s forever frozen, still” —Ed Sheeran, “Photograph.”  It began with photographs, unearthed […]

June 9 Edition:

Reflections on Gen Z’s image

When I typed “Why is Generation Z…” into Google, the first autofill suggestion was “so soft.” The second was “so sensitive.” Next was “entitled,” followed by “different,” “anxious” and “stressed.” It feels like Gen Z — which is largely agreed […]

What it means to be bombed

It’s an average Tuesday night in Tel Aviv, Israel’s secular hub and a social oasis in the desert of the pandemic. I’m going out to meet some friends at a bar after a long day at the office; there are […]

The effects of time on personal growth

Introduction: I have reached a somewhat odd phenomenon in my life.  It’s May. I have traveled back from school to the house where I grew up and notice my dog’s face is much whiter, and my next-door neighbors in elementary […]

June 2 Edition:

A faith of my own

The pages of the frayed old children’s book peek out of my nightstand, begging to be read once again. Prepared for the overflow of emotions and tears that I know are on their way, I wipe my eyes, put on […]

Conversations from the kitchen table

The kitchen table in my childhood home was actually chosen by me at 13 years old. I dragged my mom to Delia’s, the Justice of my middle-school era, while they were having a store-closing sale. The table they displayed their […]

May 26 Edition:

Town or gown: the two sides of Ann Arbor

Painting the rock at the corner of Hill Street and Washtenaw Avenue is much more than just a longstanding campus tradition.  In 1953, Michigan students and their Michigan State counterparts […]

Local feminist takes on the kitchen

It is April 2020, and I am in my parents’ kitchen. It’s lined with bright red cabinets and filled with blue antique sugar jars, and there are green flowers on the tile backsplash. I am making my third batch of […]

The art of the roommate pitch

It was a match made on Facebook. My roommate Maggie and I found each other on the Class of 2022 page and immediately clicked because we had so much in common. We had both taken gap years. We shared a […]

May 19 Edition:

May 12 Edition:

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