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Graduation Edition:


Another year, another pandemic graduation

I wasn’t surprised when the University of Michigan announced a virtual graduation commencement in February.  How could I be? After over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed almost […]


Graduation looms on the horizon. For every college student, the idea of graduating college holds a bittersweet flavor, caught between the satisfaction of accomplishment and the sadness of goodbyes. For some, it holds more of one than the other. It […]

A female student standing under the Big House "M" with a cap and gown on.

Saying the G word

Walking through the Law Quadrangle and waiting for my photographer, I couldn’t help but notice them: the group of girls doing their graduation photoshoot at the same time, clad in white dresses, caps and gowns. I, too, had purchased a […]

A female student sits at her desk writing her grad column.

Rewriting college

As someone who was born and raised in Ann Arbor, people always ask me, “Do you regret staying home for college?” Maybe they are shocked that I would elect to live so close to my parents, high school friends or […]

April 14 edition:

Alice from Alice in Wonderland in a red car.

Becoming Alice

I like to joke that I-94 and I-80 are my second homes. I’ve spent thousands of miles on them, miles that trade scenery for ease — hop on and drive, no directions needed. The “check engine” light on the dashboard […]

Michigan Missed Connections and the value of virtual interactions

There is a new way University of Michigan students are virtually interacting this semester aside from the relatively new expectations of an online education — the Instagram account Michigan Missed Connections (@michiganmissedconnections). The account posts anonymous stories submitted by students […]

Ann Arbor runs on the arts

Spring finally feels like it has permanently sprung as the sun shines down on a happily busy State Street. Even the deepest crevices of Graffiti Alley on East Liberty feel just a little bit brighter. For the first time in […]

April 7 edition:

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