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Nov. 17 Edition:

The History Edition:

Nov. 3 Edition:

Is there a problem? Then tell me

Walking in the door, my mind was an entanglement of anxiety and relief. I looked over the faces of those inside the cafe and finally located a familiar blonde haircut at the far corner of the room. I sat down on the stool beside my friend, Ella, who had invited me to the Starbucks right…

The laugh track

There’s something perfectly unfinished about the comedy club on 4th Avenue. It’s next to a Running Fit store and housed in the basement of a virtually unmarked building. You could pass it every day and never notice unless you happened to see the 8-by-11-inch sheet of printer paper on the door that says “Ann Arbor…

Halloween Edition:

Are you scared yet?

It was a typical Friday night on Maynard Street. My roommate and I had just finished up with a week of online classes from within our sublet apartment. Still in the heart of the pandemic, we acquired it immediately after University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel…

Oct. 20 Edition:

It sounds silly, but that’s the point

One of my biggest enemies has always been the sound of people chewing. Growing up, I’d sit at the family dinner table, unable to keep up with the conversation happening because I was so fixated on the sound of my dad downing his salad and my…

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