Letters to the Editor/

Letters to the Editor & Op-Eds

The Michigan Daily welcomes letters from all of its readers. Letters from University students, faculty, staff and administrators will be given priority over others. The Daily reserves the right to edit for length, grammar, style, clarity and accuracy. The Daily will not print any letter containing statements that cannot be verified.

Letters to the Editor should be kept to approximately 300 words and should be in response to a particular article or other piece of content published by The Daily. Letter writers must include their name and class standing or University affiliation, if applicable, in addition to their letter.

Longer opinion submissions, or “Op-Eds,” are also welcome. Op-Eds should not exceed 1000 words in length, and can be about any contemporary issue specifically relevant to the University community or Ann Arbor. Op-Eds can be written by individuals or groups. Op-Eds can be published anonymously if there exists a compelling reason, but per The Daily’s bylaws the identity of the author(s) must be disclosed to the Editorial Page Editor, the Managing Editor and the Editor In Chief.

The Michigan Daily does not publish Letters to the Editor or Op-Eds that have been previously or will be published elsewhere. Likewise, the paper does not publish pieces created for another purpose, such as class assignments.

Any sources utilized in a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed should be hyperlinked, if possible.

Submitting Op-Eds/Letters to the Editor

Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor can be addressed to or sent to the current Editorial Page Editors. Submitters should also include a (short) note explaining who they are, any relevant organizations they are representing and why they are submitting this piece. E.g.: “I am a freshman in LSA who is a member of the Exotic Fish Club. I have strong opinions about the threats posed to rare sharks by poaching. I would like this piece to be published as an Op-Ed.” Any additional context is welcome.

Outside submitters should state why their piece is relevant to our readers/any connection they have to Michigan, the University of Michigan or Ann Arbor. The Daily reserves the right to not respond to submissions where The Daily is a “bcc” recipient, as this indicates that the submission was not solely to The Daily. Likewise, The Daily will not publish letters addressed both to The Daily & another publication.

Pieces should be submitted by their authors, or a verifiable representative of that author.

Information about submitting an Op-Ed anonymously can be found here.

Corrections Policy Excerpt: The Daily will make corrections when our work is inaccurate or poses imminent and/or serious physical harm to someone, judged per The Daily’s editors’ discretion. To request a correction, please email with a link to the article, description of the issue and your contact information.