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Uncertainty follows the resignation of county commissioner

Ann Arbor representative Conan Smith stepped down from the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening to seek a bid for a new position with the county: director of community and economic development.


Position Previews 2016: Quarterbacks

Between John O'Korn and Wilton Speight, it’s a toss-up.

“Florence Foster Jenkins”
20th Century Fox


Meryl Streep makes anything possible in 'Florence Foster Jenkins'

“Jenkins” is a moving tribute to those who love music but can’t produce it without personally insulting the ears of anyone who dares give a listen.

Jarrod Wilson was an unheralded but critical part of Michigan's defense.
Luna Anna Archey/Daily


Michigan secondary tries to replace Jarrod Wilson's leadership

Though never a captain, Wilson became a de facto leader of the defense in 31 career starts over four years.



Visually impressive 'Pete's Dragon' is a charming adaption of Disney's tale

With its own set of high and low moments, “Pete’s Dragon” boasts of childhood whimsy in the classic Disney fashion.