Environmental journalist Steven Curwood talks about the role of academics and scientific communication at the AEESP Conference at Rackham on Tuesday.
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Speaker at environmental conference stresses need for better communication outside of research lab

The Advancing Healthy Communities through Environmental Engineering and Science conference took place at the Michigan League Tuesday through Thursday.

Houses in the Kerrytown neighborhood of Ann Arbor.
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City and students share concerns over affordability of housing

Rather than merely walking across the Diag to get to class, Music, Theatre & Dance senior Mackenzie Larrance’s morning routine consists of fighting traffic during her daily commute across town from her Ypsilanti residence.

Ann Arbor Sky
Khang Huynh

On pride and being out

For eighteen years of my life my mother’s arms were the warmest home I ever knew. A home for when I felt scared or lonely or sad. What an actual home lacked in structural support, my mother made up for in love and kindness.

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Fleet Foxes balance introspection and academia after a six-year hiatus

If "Crack-Up" is any indication of what’s to come, we should take as much as we can get.

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Lorde is ethereal perfection at album release show

The magic of Lorde, Melodrama and the show rests with feeling: the tingling rush of new love, the dull, prolonged sting of loneliness, the fear that “someday” might actually be today and the restlessness in trying to make sense of them all.

Junior left-hander Oliver Jaskie has signed a professional contract with the Seattle Mariners after they selected him in the sixth round of last week's MLB Draft.
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Michigan baseball draft update

The Daily looks at Michigan’s 2017 draftees and breaks down which players have signed professional contracts, which players have not and what these decisions, along with the departure of the Wolverines’ seniors, mean for next season.

Junior Jaimie Phelan, pictured here for her 2016 Student of the Year profile, became the first 1,500-meter national champion in Michigan program history.