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Michael Heyward: MLK Day from my perspective

Every year since 1986, we, as a nation, have celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King Jr.

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To Our Readers: A Statement from The Michigan Daily Edit Staff

The Michigan Daily has served as one of the many pillars of our multifaceted community over the last 127 years. With the turn of the new year, we want to recommit ourselves to our ongoing role and duty to the public.

Award-Winning Actor Hill Harper reminds audience that "power is the people"

When it comes to creating change in the world, Hill Harper, an award-winning actor, best-selling author and philanthropist, says “power is the people.”

John Beilein has his basketball team out to a hot start in the new year.
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SportsTuesday Column: What a difference a year makes

People use the phrase, “there’s always next year,” about their New Year’s resolutions because they know the cycle will continue, for however many years it takes. But for the Michigan hockey and men’s basketball teams in 2018, that wasn’t the case.

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Required Listening: Songs for the impending robot uprising

'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1' immediately comes to mind, but I also think that this mission to save humanity would do well to channel Rico Nasty’s most recent track, 'Smack A Bitch,' which is exactly what needs to be done with this oddly sexualized death trap.

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Elaine and me

Something about Elaine had always enthralled me, and so when she became Teen Vogue’s head honcho, I could feel new ground breaking beneath my feet.