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Rally to protest white supremacists in Charlottesville attracts hundreds to Diag

Hundreds gathered in the Diag to protest the white supremacist violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Va. this weekend with government officials denouncing President Donald Trump’s response to the incident.

Detroit Red Wings denounce use of their logo in Charlottesville white supremacy rally

The Detroit Red Wings condemned a Michigan-based white nationalist group, the Detroit Right Wings, over the use of the hockey team’s logo by the group to propagate their agenda in Virginia this weekend.  

Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor at a City Council Meeting at Larcom City Hall in May 2017.
Ceren Burcak Dag/Daily

Democratic primary yields new balance on City Council

Ann Arbor residents voted Tuesday in the Democratic primary election for City Council.

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‘Detroit’ is a riveting recount of a 20th Century tragedy

The madness unfolds rapidly, and throughout the first two-thirds of the movie, there isn’t a moment to catch your breath among watching the painful police brutality and destruction of the city.

Perry fully reinstated to team, Manuel announces

Last October, Perry was accused of sexually assaulting a woman outside a bar in East Lansing. In July, he pleaded guilty to one count of resisting an officer and one count of assault and battery

The Asians who didn't turn out right

I sip from a teacup at the dinner table, half listening to my family’s ear-splitting conversations — which, in our world, means light chitchat. My uncle and aunt are talking stocks. One cousin is showing us his dancing skills by flipping his sister over. My grandmother is putting salted fish down. On one end of the table, my older cousin has been roped into a conversation about a startup with my father.

Fifth-year senior linebacker Mike McCray looks to take on a leadership role as the sole returning starter on Michigan's defense.