After almost two decades, most bands would have disbanded and moved on to jobs waiting tables. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the balding members of the 80’s rock generation and you can bet Whitesnake isn’t recording anything cutting edge. Leave it to the Germans to build something that lasts. KMFDM is back and just as good as ever.

Paul Wong
Rating: four stars.

Their fifteenth album, Attak, continues the hard hitting industrial tradition that 18 years have solidified. The pioneers of industrial rock provide the usual over-driven guitars, heavy riffs, and general ass-kicking good time and take their creative channels one step further to expand on what seems like their endless supply of sonic combinations. Filled with subtle beat changes and progressive riffs every track on Attak is superior to the metal shit that’s being served up to the mainstream by the spoonful and reflects the true talent of these Deutschland musical heroes.

Batting for this dream team, Attak combines the vocal talents of Lucia Cifarrelli, Raymond “Pig” Watts and Dorona Alberity, with the guitar great Joozl Hodgeson of PIG, instrumentalist Bill Rieflin and master of everything sonic Tim Skold. A smooth creeping approach mixed with a potpourri of synthetic rhythms and innovative layering, KMFDM serves up 11 tracks that shame any n

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