I let go of the ball and the world came up

She told me something important but I forgot about it
So I asked her,
“Jenny, what was your name again?”

A scientist thought of an elevator
and wrote about gravity
A painter thought about autumn
and painted a portrait of himself
A poet thought about pain
and wrote about her

Do you know what appears
if you stare at a pencil for a long time?

A pencil

What’s fair, you ask?
A fish cannot breathe at land
A human cannot breathe underwater
Isn’t that fair?
Or is it a balance?

I put a lemon candy in my mouth
and it tastes like lemon

Though the Sun
still rises in the morning
and sets at night,
I became this
and you became that,
and now that I’m this
and you are that,
for you, I want to sleep the night

So I turned on the switch
and created light
Pressed the button
and produced a film
Drew lines on a paper
and wrote a poem
Turned a knob
and changed the weather
Killed myself at twenty
and died at twenty five

From what I heard,
time cannot be reversed,
but if today were to be yesterday,
I would make the same mistakes twice

—Alexander Kang is an LSA sophomore.

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