I- we – have tried on this page to spread the jokes around evenly. I hope you all understand that this is all in fun.

With that said, I would like to indulge myself by offering the following:

Be nice.

Cubbies for all time.

Victor Schultz. Josh Coe.

“Compassionate Conservatism” makes me sad.

People falling down make me laugh.

Carl Sandberg.


Detroit is as important a city as there is.

Beards. Beards. Beards.

Gillian Welch.

Makers Mark and Cranberry.

Parliament cigarettes.

Jim Hightower.

Bassett Hounds, darling.

“Most men live their lives in quiet desperation.”

Let’s all move to Chicago.

Shoulder freckles.


If anyone asks, Zac Peskowitz is almost a genius. And Ari Paul is nuts. And I win, because l love you all. Rock! J.H.

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