You read it right; that time of year has come. It’s time for us all to pull out our well-written notes, dust off the books and get down to business — no matter how much we dread the idea. You are all probably wondering how you will ever learn all the material in time, especially the new Wolverines out there. Well, don’t worry, because I am here to help you. We all have our own studying techniques that we prefer and should keep. I’d just like to remind you that environment is key. Before you pull out the books, make sure you have a quaint, quiet and comfortable spot to study. Here are five great options.

1. First Floor of the Dana Building
Located in between the Chemistry Building and Randall Laboratory, the first floor of the Dana Building is an ideal place to study. There are tables all throughout the first floor, offering a quiet environment to get work done. There is a microwave on the first floor to heat up some brain food. For those of you looking for an unknown gem, the Dana Building is the right place for you.

2. Reading Room at the Union
We all pass it on our way to Starbucks. The Reading Room is on the right-hand side as you enter the Union and is a great place to study in between classes or for the night. There are plenty of cozy armchairs and couches for in between classes and tables with comfy chairs for long hours of study. The unique style of the room provides a spark to light your motivation.

3. Media Gateway at North Quad
Located just off the right entrance of North Quad Residence Hall off East Washington Street, this study spot is very open and relaxed and makes for a great place to work on group projects or study with friends. An added bonus for all of you caffeine addicts, Java Blu is located right around the corner to satisfy your need for coffee.

4. Law Library
For all of you out there who need absolute silence in order to be at all productive, this one is for you. The Law Library is a great place to forget all the distractions of the outside world and get intimate with readings, PowerPoint presentations and note cards.

5. Reference Room in the Hatcher Graduate Library
This room is a perfect combination of the UGLi and Law Library. It has long tables that allow for a study buddy to keep you focused, but is also very quiet. Also, there are computers just outside the Ref Room that provide a great setting for group work and gossip breaks.

For those of you with an upcoming midterm, “I don’t know a good place to study,” is no longer a good excuse for procrastination. Check one of these great spots out and gain some knowledge.

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