Any Jennifer Garner fan still harboring hopes for the artistic success of “Elektra” are, well, probably the same ones who swear she’s still dating Michael Vartan and pregnant with his charming little French babies. The movie is a muddle, full of strands that go nowhere and a plot that builds to absolutely nothing. Still, the flick is mercifully short, and Garner rocks her red corset like she’s putting Adriana Lima out of business.

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“Quick Vaughn, the F-150!” (Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

“Elektra” opens with a prologue that sets up the movie’s fatal characteristic — a laughably somber tone that it will bear through its entirety. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a movie that takes itself seriously, but when the central premise is a hot babe with shampoo commercial-grade hair who fights the forces of evil in skin-tight leather, the aggressive moodiness is totally uncalled for.

The prologue also reveals that there are some ninja bad guys (the Hand) who want the Treasure, which will be protected by Garner’s superheroine Elektra. She’s a humorless, ass-kicking assassin whose powers include bursts of super speed, the ability to see about 20 seconds into the future and the power to recreate every bad comic book clich

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