Clearing the air: Environmental justice in Detroit

Photo by Ruby wallau

Early on a Saturday, students and faculty boarded a bus outside the University’s School of Public Health. The destination — Detroit. As the bus and its 30 to 40 passengers left Ann Arbor, Sociology Prof. Reynolds Farley began discussing the impact of the city’s history on the current environmental concerns.

Do U.S. colleges have something to learn from German tuition policy?

Past German college students are now among world-renowned philosophers, researchers, entrepreneurs, writers and leaders.

So why don’t these students have to pay the thousands of dollars per year that Americans do?


by Claire bryan

From the pews: The evolution of my Methodism

This summer, noise around homosexuality in the United Methodist Church compelled me to return to 10 o’clock service on a 90-degree morning, to join individuals who believed our church’s mission statement should change, and propelled me to examining the finite meaning of how I stand as a Methodist. This is how I found it; change is my catalyst.

by Max radwin

Fashion Voyeur: Boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs?

Illustration by maggie miller

I’m not sure what kind of underwear I’m supposed to buy anymore.

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