Celebs hope to make a run behind ‘Juice’

Angela Cesere

It’s the final week before the bowl season, so Staff Picks has reached the stretch run, and time is running out on anyone who wishes to catch Sharad Mattu. The celebs have a strong grasp on second place, and Scorekeepers bartender Mark Majewski — a.k.a. “Juice” — will try to put the celebs in position to take home the championship with a good week in the forthcoming bowl predictions. Practicing unparalleled generosity behind the bar, Juice has become a friendly face to absolutely anyone hoping to wet his whistle at Skeeps. Everyone hopes Pittsburgh will completely lock up a BCS bid with a convincing win at South Florida, while Chris Burke stands alone in believing that John Navarre — who is starting on Sunday for the Cardinals — will return to Michigan in style.

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