“Jessica Simpson gives service with a smile.”

Jessica Boullion
Kristin MacDonald

Well, well, if that isn’t a tagline worth a thousand words. Surely you’ve seen the ubiquitous internet banner promotions for Simpson’s latest artistic effort, “Employee of the Month.” She’s at it again – smile painted, chest pumped. Let the depressed, disbelieving head-shaking begin.

But in lieu of the predictable eye roll at yet another sadly blatant effort to market Simpson sheerly on sex appeal, here’s a thematic 180 – a look back at the art of the movie tagline. While this fall has certainly been a particularly uninspiring season for poster wit thus far (i.e. “Gridiron Gang” – “One Goal: A Second Chance,”), you know the studio advertising is really drawing at straws when Simpson’s personal celebrity is tagged over her film’s plot. It’s a TV talk show marketing move, an unusual slip for the polished clich

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