America is at an historic crossroad today. Our country faces daunting challenges on multiple fronts. We must decide today which path we want to take to face these challenges. On one hand, we have a risky path that leads to the unknown. On the other, we have the safe path of experience. Taking unnecessary risks caused many of our current problems, so we must ask, “Do we really want to take more risks?” In challenging times like these, the path we need to follow should be that of experience. Thus, the College Republicans urge you to vote for the experienced candidate, John McCain.

McCain has shown that he knows how to find solutions to tough problems. During his 26 years in Congress, McCain has established a record of legislative accomplishments that have benefited our country. He has been a leader in tackling tough issues and working with both parties to find effective solutions. Unlike Barack Obama, who is at the extreme of his party, McCain isn’t tied to ideology. McCain is a pragmatist, and it is this pragmatism and willingness to compromise and reach across the aisle that we need in our next leader. As a member of Congress, McCain has shown that he has these skills. We have no reason to believe that as president McCain would act any different.

Looking deeper into McCain’s record will show that he’s a proven reformer. He has reformed campaign finance and ethics in government, and he has been a leader in proposing reforms to our immigration policy. For many of the challenges that we face today, radical change is neither necessary, nor is it safe. All we need right now are reforms, and McCain has shown that he knows how to reform broken systems to make them work better.

We can trust that as president McCain will work to reform the economic system to get us out of this crisis; he will reform the health care system to make it more affordable and accessible; and he will reform the ways we use energy to make us more energy independent and clean. McCain’s reformist nature will lead to real, workable solutions.

“Country First” has been a theme of McCain’s campaign, and he has lived the message throughout his life. McCain has always put the best interests of America first, above partisanship and personal gain. He has been a leader in compromising and working with both parties to create workable solutions for our country’s problems, so we know he will continue to do the same. He has experience fixing broken systems, so we know he can reform the systems that got us into trouble. And he has fought for our country to preserve its honor, so we know he will fight to restore America’s standing abroad.

America continues to be a great nation, and our best days are still ahead of us. No doubt we’re in a rough time right now, but in McCain we have the experience and leadership necessary to break us out of these tough times and restore prosperity. This isn’t voting for “more of the same”; this is voting for a safe, new direction that will continue America’s hope and promise. America needs experienced leadership to create real change, and in McCain we have that. We don’t need to take risks with inexperience that could make our troubles worse.

To continue and improve America’s greatness, we urge you to vote for John McCain.

This viewpoint was written on behalf of the University’s chapter of the College Republicans.

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