The Michigan Daily: Hey, is Drew there?

Random: No, he’s out, can I take a message?

TMD: Oh, ok. I’m from The Michigan Daily and wanted to interview Drew for the Random Student Interview. Do you want to do it instead?

R: Um, sure.

TMD: So what’s your name?

R: Heath

TMD: Like Heath Ledger the movie star?

R: Haha, sadly no, Heath’s pretty hot. I can’t touch that.

TMD: Interesting. Ok, Michigan is considered a very liberal campus. Do you think this is true or is it all talk?

R: Well, I guess we’re pretty liberal, but only a few kids really get active; most people are really lazy.

TMD: There are a lot of protest rallies on campus, but only a small part of the student body seems to participate. Would you ever participate in a rally?

R: Probably not. I don’t think that kind of protest does anything.

TMD: If you could protest anything you wanted in a rally, what would it be?

R: Hmmm. Maybe if we could petition for the ability to vote bad GSIs – out survivor style.

TMD: Ann Arbor has a lot of homeless people for its size. Do you ever give money out to bums on the streets?

R: One time, I had a pizza and I tried to give a slice to one. He got kinda mad and asked for money, but I haven’t tried since then.

TMD: Have you ever noticed that they seem to disappear in January and February? Do you think they hibernate or migrate south?

R: Uh, I never really thought of that, I guess a little of both; it’d be a good graduate thesis paper.

TMD: Have you ever met Shakey Jake?

R: Only when I came to visit on campus day – I think they haul him out as an attraction for visitors. I haven’t seen him since I came here.

TMD: Do you have any Shakey Jake merchandise?

R: He has merchandise?

TMD: Yeah! Like postcards or bumper stickers?

R:: Oh, um, no I haven’t seen that.

TMD: Have you ever strutted your stuff in the Naked Mile?

R: Not yet, maybe when I’m a senior.

TMD: Know anyone who has?

R: Yeah, a guy who did a couple years ago.

TMD: Do you agree that participants should be arrested?

R: No, it’s not like people are trying to be criminal. They’re just carrying on a tradition.

TMD: What about the people who go just to film the naked people, then post their pictures on websites?

R: That’s sad, it ruins the fun. I suppose creepy guys don’t mind though.

TMD: Have you ever been to the Ann Arbor Art Fair?

R: No, that’s in the summer, right?

TMD: Yeah. Some people think Michigan’s student body is on the unattractive side. Do you agree?

R: Unfortunately yeah. I’ve visited friends at (Michigan) State and they’ve come here. We all agree it’s pretty bad here.

TMD: Do you think that most of the campus’ attractive people are in sororities and fraternities?

R: Depends on the house, but overall I’d say yes. Especially with some of the sororities, I think several pick based on looks.

TMD: What’s your library of choice?

R: Law Library

TMD: Why do you like it best?

R: No distractions there.

TMD: Which library has the hottest girls – or guys if that’s your thing?

R: Um, I’d say the Law Library again, but libraries aren’t the place to look.

TMD: If you could, briefly state your feelings on the war.

R: Oh, well this is unpopular on campus, but I think the war is a necessary evil, no authority doubts Saddam has banned weapons, and sanctions are just killing more Iraqis than any war would cost, it’s unfortunate though, either way the people suffer.

TMD: Wow, sounds like you’ve thought about that before.

R: People talk about it a lot, so I’ve been there before, yeah.

TMD: So, besides Bush, if you could have any former president in office right now, dead or alive, who would it be?

R: Um, I think James K. Polk.

TMD: Why him?

R: There’s a They Might Be Giants song about him.

TMD: Why not Millard Fillmore?

R: No idea what he did.

TMD: In 1856, he got a nomination from the Know Nothing Party.

R: Oh, I didn’t know that.

TMD: Do you still live in the dorms?

R: Yeah.

TMD: Do you think that the housing situation at the University is a problem?

R: Not too much. Housing is too expensive in town.

TMD: What should be done about it?

R: I think maybe the city should put a cap on student housing.

TMD: Have you ever done it anywhere on campus or know someone who has?

R:: Haha, well while I’m at school here on campus, but not in a school building if that’s what you mean.

TMD: Would that make you feel squeamish if someone did do it in a building on campus?

R: Um, I guess I wouldn’t really care if somebody else did.

TMD: Are you involved in the community at all, like volunteering?

R: No, but I should, I feel bad now that I don’t.

TMD: Do you think that Ann Arbor is the University or can the city stand on its own?

R: I think the University has to be here. I don’t know anything else important centered here.

TMD: Who has the right of way- cars or students?

R: The students.

TMD: Consumer Reports has rated us as the most spirited school before. Do you think this is true?

R: With football, yeah, but not other sports. We have some really good fans for other sports. I just don’t think the majority of the campus gets into those much.

TMD: Do you regularly attend the sports events here?

R: I go to all the football games and a couple basketball and hockey games. I’m no superfan.

TMD: Are you superstitious?

R: Not really.

TMD: Did you walk across the Diag ‘M’ before completing your first bluebook?

R: Yeah, I did by accident.

TMD: Are you worried about how that might affect you?

R: No I did fine on my exams.

TMD: Do you think it’s going to be an early spring?

R: It should be. It’s been way too cold this year, but I think we’ll freeze through finals. Then it’ll be nice just as I’m leaving.

TMD: Ok, that’s it. Thanks for your time.

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