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Welcome to the University of Michigan where you will embark on what may be the most stressful experience of your life — scheduling classes. If you’re a morning person, congratulations! As a freshman, you’re likely to experience some 8 a.m. classes, because the upperclassmen enrolled in classes months ago. If you’re more prone to night-owl tendencies, you might have a bad time. I recommend taking a several naps throughout the day.

Unfortunately, many of you will be assigned to the Antarctica of dorms. Bursley dormitory, Vera Baits II dormitory and Northwood Apartments are the only University sanctioned student housing on North Campus where an albino turkey and several deer roam on a daily basis.

“Where am I supposed to take a nap if I live on North Campus? I don’t have time to ride my bus back to the dorm!”

Fret not, wilderness-bound freshmen. There are plenty of places throughout campus where you can nap. The League, the Ugli, the Union, a friend’s dorm on central campus and various other places offer a variety of spots to get a quick nap in before your next class. It’s a normal day when you happen across a giant pool of drool on a table and a hooded head resting on a book-bag nearby.

Now to the actual subjects of your classes. Make sure to pull a Justin Timberlake (singer-songwriter, actor, producer, clothing designer, philanthropist) and branch out when choosing class subjects. Think Astro 106: Aliens looks interesting? Schedule it. Want to see if you enjoy history? Take something like History 270: Religion in America. You may already have your heart set on Ross, Ford, Org Studies, law school or medical school, but you should still schedule a variety of subjects that are interesting to you. It helps keep you sane.

The same advice goes for making friends. There are some people who will always be your die-hard best friends who know everything about you. But it’s also important to have coworker friends, friends with the same major, friends with people in the same organization you’re involved with or friends from any other area of your life. Keeping variety in your social networks (read: not Facebook) will help keep some balance in your life unlike those 2 a.m. nights on the bathroom floor.

One easy way to expand your relationships is by joining some sort of club or organization. The University is host to more than 1,000 clubs and organizations. The Greek life community itself has more than 5,400 students divided within four councils. There are recreational sports, student government organizations, religious groups, pre-professional organizations and numerous other clubs for students to join. If you’re looking to increase your work experience or make some extra money, the University offers several resources, such as the Career Center, to help connect students with jobs and internships.

I’m sure after reading this unamusing, slightly pathetic article, you will be jumping on your feet to join The Michigan Daily. Don’t worry. We have 50-cent cans of pop, a 200-person staff and a bear. You’re bound to find someone to befriend.

Good luck, little freshmen. Make the best out of these next four years.


Aarica Marsh
Editorial Page Editor

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