Holy Weight Watchers, Batman! Missy Elliot is back with a new
album, only slightly a year after her last release, Under
. One cannot help think “rush job,” and you would
be right.

Kate Green

Back in time for the Christmas sales season, and to market her
new “sexy” image, Missy presents 16 new tracks all produced by her
and Timbaland. The production style comes as a surprise to no one,
as the sound is filled with what is expected from Missy. Oil drum
percussion, electro flutters, sirens and hand claps encompass some
of the sounds, and while these stand out, the unbearable barrage of
uninspired guest appearances, generally insipid lyrics and the
abundance of filler outmuscle whatever the production

Contributions from Elephant Man work, whereas the collaboration
with R. Kelly, about him as an experienced lover coaxing a virginal
Missy, is all types of wrong for all types of reasons. Fabulous and
Nelly fax in their normal garbage and Jay-Z sleeps through a track
as well. “Let It Bump” is her old-school tribute, while “Toyz” is
her ode to sex toys, and it’s just not well done.

With a gimmicky feel and lack of ideas, Missy turns in a
lackluster effort that confirms the fact that this is not a test.
It’s more like a practice quiz, and I’m not going to class.

Rating: 1 1/2 stars

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