For the first game of the Big Ten season, that was definitely an
acceptable performance from the Big House crowd. It was packed
— more than 111,000 fans — and the fans were up and
cheering, particularly on defense. Iowa got called for several
false start penalties, and the noise level probably had a little to
do with it. That being said, you should have been loud. It was a
huge game against a team that had beaten Michigan back-to-back
years. The crowd performance wasn’t overwhelming —
nothing like the Ohio State game last year. And you’ve still
got serious work to do with the timing of the wave. Can we just
agree to do it at the end of the third quarter? Whoever keeps
trying to start the thing during a tight game when Michigan’s
defense is begging the crowd to get into it should immediately lose
their tickets — forever. Side note to the band: Keep
“Living on a Prayer” in the repertoire. There were more
people singing that than usually sing “The

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