Defense-o-Meter: 4/4

Did anyone watch the game? Northwestern could have skipped the game and they would have had 13 more rushing yards than they finished with. The ‘D’ just continues one-upping itself each and every week.

Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel
Morgan Morel

Carr-o-Meter: 4/4

Carr seemed in a very good mood considering the result of Saturday’s game. He was smiling during most of the press conference. The kicker: He didn’t get mad at football writer Scott Bell when his cellphone went off during the presser.

Hypemeter: 1/4

Those who were there braved cold conditions and tried being loud, but what other rating can we give a crowd that was nearly half-empty by game’s end? Halloween party hangovers suck, but come on: tough it out, guys.

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