Defense-O-Meter: 0-of-4 Obis

It’s a shame we’re bashing the defense’s performance by giving no Obis. Ezeh registered 15 tackles, including 4.5 for a loss. But the defense allowed 501 yards to the Fighting Illini. At least they were in good enough shape to keep allowing those yards all afternoon.

Rod-O-Meter: 4-of-4 Rich Rods

A reporter asked an on-edge Rodriguez why he was more upset in his postgame press conference than after other losses. “I’m in charge of the program, and we didn’t play well today,” Rodriguez snapped. “So, I’m mad. Is there something wrong with that? I mean, you want me to be happy when we lose? It ain’t gonna happen. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Hype-O-Meter: 2-of-4 Big Houses

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