When “Friends” first aired more than 10 years ago, its quirky, unusual charm filled the void left when series like “Cheers” said their final farewells. The cast members were goofy, the story was indescribable and the issues were inane, but the popularity was immense. All over the nation, viewers were pledging to be there for their “Friends” through thick and thin.

We were there for them when Ross found out his pregnant wife was a lesbian. We were there for them when Rachel left her dentist at the altar and moved in with Monica. We were there for them when Phoebe gave birth to her long-lost half-brother’s triplets and thought she deserved to keep one. We were there religiously for a half hour every Thursday night to see what the next wild problem would bring the Friends closer together. Unfortunately, the newest DVD release in the “Friends” franchise proves these memories have fallen far beyond the viewer’s reach.

“Friends: Season Eight” manages to murder all the livelihood and originality that used to be so endearing. Phoebe, whose signature na

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