Rock & Republic

Models in the Rock & Republic runway show at New York’s Fashion Week sexed it up in tight black and white ensembles for day and night. Although you can still count on R&R to provide quality denim, their Spring 2009 collection stops at that. Compared to the label’s fall structured suits and sophisticated evening wear, the spring line is a mere afterthought. Instead of expanding on the idea of angular shapes from the fall line, R&R went in the opposite direction and showcased unfinished looks.

R&R is supposed to embody edgy and sexy individuals with an L.A. vibe, but in its most recent endeavor, the majority of the brand’s pieces lack both qualities. The menswear — mostly comprised of skinny ties and jeans — looked like the designers raided the Jonas Brothers’s closets, while the micro-mini dresses scream “I’m a five dollar hooker.” The menswear and barely-there dresses have been overplayed; it’s time for something fresh.

Despite its shortcomings, R&R has a handful original looks. The popular skinny jean returns this season but with metallic finish, and a crisp white jacket tones down the jean’s flashiness by adding a level of chic to the ensemble. Ruffled blouses are also paired with distressed leather jackets to add a dimension of femininity to the bad-ass look. Unfortunately, contrasting fabrics and flashy jeans aren’t enough to give the collection a sense of cohesion and innovation.

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