At their meeting Monday, the Ann Arbor City Council will discuss resolutions regarding taxicab meter rates, construction contracts and a zoning ordinance.

Resolution: Council votes to deregulate taxicab rates

The Ann Arbor Taxicab Board met Aug. 28 to consider a resolution that would deregulate taxicab rates by establishing a high, maximum meter rate. The Board voted unanimously for the Council to discuss a $7 increase of the flag drop, which is currently at $3, and a $2.50-per-mile increase.

The goal of this resolution is to allow each taxicab company more freedom in establishing and advertising its own rates. If this resolution passes, the deregulation will go into effect on Oct. 6.

Resolution: Council to award a construction contract to E.T. MacKenzie Company

The Council will discuss if it wants to grant a $355,900 construction contract to E.T. MacKenzie Company for the Liberty Street, Harvard Place and Arlington Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Extensions Project.

If the contract is awarded, E.T. MacKenzie Company will install sanitary sewers at Arlington Boulevard and Harvard Place beginning in late September, with the estimated completion date in mid-November. Installation of a sanitary sewer for Liberty Street will commence in the spring of 2015 and be completed by late May or early June.

The project will be funded by the Sewage Disposal System Fund’s capital budget.

Resolution: Council to rezone South Main Street

The Council will vote on an ordinance to rezone the Downtown Core Base District — currently a high-density residential, commercial and office zone — to the Downtown Interface Base District, which would limit usage to medium density residential and mixed-used buildings. The proposed rezoning is an effort to expand the downtown district in Ann Arbor. The ordinance originated in June but has been pushed to every subsequent Council meeting.

The City Planning Commission believes that this rezoning will align with adjacent zones and the surrounding land uses, placing restriction on building height and size to better conform with nearby structures.

The architect and owner of 425 S. Main St., a property that will be affected by this decision, are both in opposition to this ordinance. Councilmembers Sabra Briere (D–Ward 1) and Chuck Warpehoski (D–Ward 5) support the ordinance.

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