Contra dancing lessons to be taught on Diag

Contra Dance at UM is inviting students to discover contra dancing from noon to 1 p.m. on the Diag today. There will be live music to accompany the dance instruction. There is no cost to participate.

Students of color discuss study abroad programs

Students of color will talk about their educational experiences overseas through the University’s study- and research- abroad programs at a discussion in Room 9 of the International Center from 3 to 6 p.m. this afternoon. Students will have the opportunity to find about internship and career opportunities with the U.S. State Department and the Peace Corps.

Arts program to aid finding internships in New York

A mass meeting will be held for the New York Arts Intern Program in the Career Center – Room 3200 of the Student Activities Building – from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Students can learn about securing an internship involving the arts in New York.


Crime notes

Graffiti discovered in Church Street garage stairwell

Parking Services reported graffiti in the northwest stairwell of the Church Street carport early Monday morning. The graffiti included the message “Cops can’t catch me.” The graffiti was sprayed on the wall sometime between Sept. 23 and 26, according to the Department of Public Safety. There are no suspects at this time.

Cart with projector, laptop stolen from Dennison

The Dennison Building staff reported the theft of a media cart that included a laptop and a projector Monday afternoon. The theft occurred in room 221 and the value of the stolen objects is unknown. DPS reports. DPS does not have any suspects at this time.

Gunshot victim arrives at UMHS

A gunshot victim was brought into the University Hospital emergency room late Monday evening. The victim was transported from Annapolis Hospital, and the Inkster Police Department made the initial report. DPS reports that there are no security precautions for the patient.


This Day In Daily History

Part dirt bike, part 10-speed mountain bikes hit campus

Sept. 28, 1989 – Recently, the campus has seen a rise in the popularity of new bicycles called mountain bikes. Resembling a dirt bike but bigger, mountain bikes give students the durability and comfort to travel between classes.

Mountain bikes are more appealing to students because they are more comfortable than a regular 10-speed bike but, at the same time, cost a lot less. LSA sophomore Paloma Preysley wanted a mountain bike because of its comfort and straight handlebars.

Mountain bikes have an average price of $350, and most students look for a bike in the $300 to $400 range. Serious bikers can get customizable models that can cost up to $2000.

While some students use these mountain bikes for getting around, others use the mountain bike for fitness purposes. The U-M bike club is unique in that it is the only biking club in Ann Arbor to ride all year round. This allows students to participate in some winter cycling training.

The bike has sold well during the past few years, finally equaling road bikes sales last year. Trends in sales predict that mountain bikes will outsell the street bike this year, said Mark Trinklein, an employee at the Cycle Cellar in Ann Arbor.

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