I”m always pondering something. Be it life, death, or something in-between that doesn”t really matter much in the grand scheme of things, thoughts constantly race across my dome-piece at the speed of life. My personality requires me to find some form of an outlet for my feelings, and since the Department of Public Safety and the Ann Arbor Police Department apparently have something against random, gratuitous violence, my mixture of anger, humor and introspectiveness was directed toward something more constructive and so it went that through the pen, The Manifesto was born.

Paul Wong
Rafael Moneo, a famous Spanish architect, speaks with students on North Campus. Moneo, who delivered the annual Raoul Wallenberg lecture, has designed museums, train stations, offices throughout Spain. He has also served as a department head at the Harvar

As readers should well know by now, I can take a given topic and expound on it forever and a day. However, there are a number of assertions that only need a sentence or two to effectively get the point across these are the ones that we often think but don”t say. These are the ones that some people just don”t get, yet should often go without saying. Now I don”t have a god complex (contrary to popular belief), and I don”t think that my word is necessarily the end-all, be-all though I do stand strongly behind the following tidbits of knowledge. Buckle up, and be prepared to let the truth set you free

There is far too much wasted talent in the world. So many people (see: engineering students) are in a pursuit for the almighty dollar, and general happiness seems to be a willing sacrifice. How many people do you know that are completely unhappy with their job? If you don”t even attempt to make a living with what you love, then you are missing the big picture Why is it that when someone accomplishes something positive, it is God”s doing yet when someone does wrong, it”s their fault? Gay bashing makes about as much sense as racial bigotry they may as well be one in the same Large women who wear spandex, belly shirts, short skirts and navel rings you”re playin” yourselves

People who say honesty is the best policy are 40-year-olds managing the chicken nugget station at Wendy”s. A little shadiness is very necessary in order to make it in this world Eminem is a coward at heart he only dogs on white rappers and boy bands because he knows better Calling a black woman a bitch very bad idea Bisexuals are simply greedy they just find a hole and jump on in! All your base are belong to Manifesto Praying to pass an exam won”t help an ounce you best open up a damn book and make an actual attempt at studying something Watch out for that person that you call friend they may well have an ulterior motive. Only a small handful of people in life will have that unyielding loyalty for you. Recognize and cherish them, for you will find little of more importance

The utter shock of many people about these recent school mass-shootings is beyond me. Folks can”t seem to believe that they occur in quiet, rural Podunk, Pa. That foolishness simply does not go down in the urban schools. Maybe they should rethink where they put those metal detectors People get way too goddamned offended over such trivial things, like curse words and insignificant shit like that. Redirect your energy towards things that actually mean something to someone People pull the “race card” when it”s unwarranted entirely too much. Sometimes you just need to except responsibility for your own and save the drama for ya mama For everything that they do to try to kill Napster and other file-trading programs, there will always be some pimply-faced, Dragonball t-shirt wearing engineering student with nothing else better to do that will always be one step ahead of them on the come up

People put far more weight into physical appearances than they care to admit. Fellas, don”t get it twisted: That dashing personality means nothing if you resemble the male cast members of The Sopranos. Most people that say that they work out to make themselves feel better are usually lying to you and playing themselves think of the once-busted people you know whose personalities changed for the worse once they found a little vanity

Money can”t buy happiness? Pish-tosh. Money can”t buy certain happiness, but look at all these jolly-ass rich people with smiles on their faces On that note, isn”t money the real issue in life? I mean, what are most of us at this university to accomplish? Isn”t cash the source of almost all of the complications of the world? Imagine if you won some insane amount of money in the lottery couldn”t you see all of your problems wasting away in the blink of an eye? A friend told me this recently: “Connections are more important than any grade you will ever receive at this school.” Can I get an amen? Finally, I know you all have heard this before, but some people fail to realize it: Women love it as much as we fellas do we just seem to go about getting it much more recklessly than the fairer sex. Go figure.

There is so much more I wish to assert, but I only have so much space, and much of what I have to say leaves excessive room for misinterpretation from a printed page (refer to my “being offended” point) So I shall leave you for the 2001-2002 school year, wishing all the best in finals and future ventures. I”d hate to conclude on the ghetto tip, but I have to show one love to all the readers of The Manifesto before and during my time with the Daily, one love to the departing seniors, and a loud, hearty “Deal With It” to those who hate on what I do here. I”ll be back next year to bless you with more of that real my word.

Knowledge Eternal.

This is Dustin J. Seibert”s last column for the semester. Give him feedback at www.michigandaily.com/forum or via e-mail at dseibert@umich.edu.

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