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Each week, members of the Daily football beat will be making predictions across college football, tallying their correct answers across the season. Here are their predictions for week one:

Sept. 3, 9 pm MSU +7.5 vs Northwestern

Roose: MSU

Greenspan: Northwestern

Dash: Northwestern

Sept. 4, 12 pm WMU +16.5 vs Michigan

Daily Sports Editor Brendan Roose: Michigan

Daily Sports Editor Jared Greenspan: Michigan

Daily Sports Editor Daniel Dash: WMU

Sept. 4, 12pm Nebraska vs Fordham

Roose: Nebraska

Greenspan: Fordham

Dash: Nebraska

Sept. 4, 12 pm Temple +13.5 vs. Rutgers

Roose: Temple

Greenspan: Rutgers

Dash: Rutgers

Sept. 4, 12pm Penn State +4.5 vs Wisconsin

Roose: Wisconsin

Greenspan: Wisconsin

Dash: Wisconsin

Sept. 4, 3:30pm Indiana +6.5 vs Iowa

Roose: Iowa

Greenspan: Iowa

Dash: Iowa

Sept. 4, 3:30pm West Virginia -4.5 vs Maryland

Roose: West Virginia

Greenspan: West Virginia

Dash: Maryland

Sept. 4, 7:30 pm Oregon State +5.5 vs Purdue

Roose: Purdue

Greenspan: Oregon State

Dash: Oregon State

Sept. 4, 7:30pm UTSA +7.5 vs Illinois

Roose: Illinois

Greenspan: Illinois

Dash: UTSA

Sept. 4, 7:30pm Georgia +3.5 vs Clemson

Roose: Clemson

Greenspan: Clemson

Dash: Georgia