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Tune in each week as Daily Senior News Editor, Timothy Cohn, sits down with Daily reporters and editors to recap the biggest events of the past seven days in each section. Hear about some of the most important stories from News, Arts, Opinion, Sports, Statement and MiC every Friday morning. 


News: Managing News Editor, Alexa St. John, spoke about Senior News Editor, Sophie Sherry’s recent article discussing the community push-back against four city councilmembers taking part in an NFL-style kneeling protest during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Later, she highlighted Daily Staff Reporter, Amara Sheikh’s article about a student giving away his ticket to the upcoming Laverne Cox event, and Senior News Editor, Riyah Basha and Staff Reporter, Kevin Biglin’s article about the Office of Student Conflict Resolution’s handling of bias incidents on campus.

Arts: Co-Managing Arts Editor, Anay Katyal, highlighted this week’s Halloween-themed, “Spooky B-Side” about pagan culture in Ann Arbor from Daily Arts Writer, Sam Lu. He then featured Online Arts Editor, Christian Kennedy’s, B-Side article about the Main St. bookstore, Crazy Wisdom.

Opinion: Co-Editorial Page Editor, Anna Polumbo-Levy, spoke about this week’s leftside on the #MeToo movement, Hank Minor and Luke Jacob’s side-by-side columns reflecting on the Charles Murray protests, and Joe Iovino’s cartoon on procrastination on Sunday afternoons.

Michigan in Color: Co-Managing MiC Editor, Ashley Tjhung recounted Hunter Zhao’s piece on growing up as the son of Chinese immigrants in small-town Michigan, his family’s struggles, and his parent’s attempts to overcome the language barrier.

Statement: Co-Deputy Statement Editor, Brian Kuang, talked about his fellow co-Deputy Statement Editor, Yoshiko Iwai’s article on eating disorders among campus athletes, communities under emotional stress, and competitive athletes. Later, he spoke about Senior Photo Editor, Zoey Holstrom’s Personal Statement on photographing athletic events, and Senior Arts Editors, Danny Hensel and Dayton Hare’s, pieces on the movie “Custody” and this summer’s solar eclipse.

Sports: Senior Sports Editor, Mike Persak, recounted Michigan Football’s 42-13 loss at Penn State, and discussed football beat reporter Ted Janes’ preview of this week’s matchup versus Rutgers. Later, he spoke about his article on Michigan Basketball’s new talent and their upcoming exhibition games. He capped off the conversation, talking about Michigan Soccer’s upcoming chance to take the Big Ten Conference championship.


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