Over the past several weeks many popular and long serving local businesses in Ann Arbor have announced their permanent closures. In mid-December South U pizza closed its doors, and shortly thereafter both Elevation Burger locations in Ann Arbor abruptly shut down. These unexpected closures follow a long-term trend of local businesses in Ann Arbor having to cease operations oftentimes without warning or reason. At the same time while many local businesses seem to be struggling, bigger chains and more upscale developments have moved into Downtown Ann Arbor. The building that used to contain South U pizza will be torn down to make way for a new luxury apartment complex, Vic Village South, and a new SoulCycle studio recently opened on South University, in the retail space of Vic Village North. This week on The Daily Weekly we’re going to explore the causes of the decline of local businesses and rise of luxury high-rises in Downtown Ann Arbor and what the potential costs or benefits are of these developments for the community.

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