In an email to the student population, LSA senior David Schafer, University of Michigan Central Student Government president and CSG Vice President Micah Griggs, an LSA junior, announced the launch of a new Diversity and Inclusion Commission through CSG.

“This semester, the CSG Diversity & Inclusion Commission has launched the Student Support & Action Committee,” Schafer and Griggs wrote in the email. “This committee will not only respond to bias incidents that occur on campus, but will also provide continuous support for students in our community.”

Schafer and Griggs also wrote the commission would be comprised of students and promote positive messages while counteracting negative ones on campus.

“From placing a positive message around campus to counteracting a negative one, the SSAC will exist as a committee BY students FOR students,” they wrote.

Encouraging involvement from the student population, Schafer and Griggs included a form for students interested in getting involved in the commission.

“Student involvement from all parts of the U-M community is sought for this committee,” Schafer and Griggs wrote in the email. “With a strong membership base, SSAC will become a way to connect with a multitude of student organizations around campus.”

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