This letter in response to neo-Nazi and white nationalist Richard Spencer being invited to speak on the campus of Texas A&M on December 6, 2016.

Dear Aggies,

This year has been one of many trials for us all throughout the country as well as on our respective campuses. The amount of solidarity that is being seen on your campus is both inspiring and, quite frankly, #CampusGoals. 

Students4Justice has been fighting for administrative support and accountability since our inception. We are a group sparked out of administrative compliance in the face of our immediate safety that has a strong emphasis on coalition building in communities of color and deconstructing anti-Blackness. We have been tracking acts of injustice, compliance or mere oversight on an administrative level here at the University of Michigan. We are truly in awe of your effort and the amount of support you’ve garnered.

Just as universities have the responsibility to protect students’ freedom of speech on campus, they need to be adamant about providing a safe learning environment for marginalized students as well. Allowing a white supremacist Nazi sympathizer to make an appearance only invites harm to the lives of so many students with marginalized identities. We salute you in your efforts to denounce white-supremacy and hold your university accountable.

Our hearts go out to all of those who are being impacted by white supremacy, fascism, patriarchy, capitalism and all other axes of oppression. We link arms with those who are and have been consistently fighting these structures of oppression, in every capacity. Every act of resistance is powerful and impactful.

We want you to know we support your endeavors to combat racism, fascism, white supremacy, and hate as loudly or as silently as you see fit.

With love and solidarity,


University of Michigan

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