In the sixth match of Sunday’s “Wrestle ’N Roll” meet, redshirt junior Myles Amine faced off against Lehigh’s Jordon Kutler. Against a backdrop of rock-and-roll vibes, tension began to brew between the All-Americans. 

Intensity between Amine and Kutler was already high, having split a pair of matches last season. Kutler claimed the dual meeting, while Amine won, 3-2, in the NCAA quarterfinals. This, therefore, was a rubber match.

In the first period, the pair melded together in a tumbleweed-like formation — a swiftly- moving combination of various somersaulting and straddling positions. The two bounded around the mat, but this rumbling came to a startling halt as Amine got the upper hand and achieved a two-point takedown. Lehigh quickly challenged the takedown, and after a nail-biting minute, the referees decided to uphold it, marking the end of the opening period with Amine holding a 2-0 lead. 

“I just tried to focus on showing up and wrestling,” Amine said.

The tension between the pair continued to bubble as it became dramatized by spurts of fog, courtesy of a machine in the corner, and verses of “Thunderstruck” vibrating the stadium. Building off this energy, Amine and Kutler entered the second period of their round.

This energy seemed to momentarily get the best of Amine; he was called for a false start. After a lapse in the action, the pair continued their struggle. The thudding sound of the two crashing into floor mingled with the uproar from the crowd drowning out the rock-and-roll undertones. Amine showcased an aggressive offensive tactic, and he soon gained a point for a masterful escape, heightening the tension between the rivals and closing the second period. 

“My defense was solid,” Amine said. “I knew if I kept heavy on my offense, I was in good shape.” 

The tension oozing from the match became transparent as a hush fell over the crowd; it hung in the air as Amine received a warning for stalling. Amine, then, snapped back into the moment; he quickly pinned Kutler in a key takedown with 30 seconds left, advancing the score to 5-2. This alertness Amine presented, however, did not persist. Amine received a second warning for stalling, and Kutler escaped, gaining a point in the process. Despite this slight advantage for Kutler, Amine still earned a 6-4 win over Kutler, ultimately helping Michigan in its win over Lehigh.

“I knew if I went out there and stayed offensive, I’d come away with a win,” Amine said. “It felt good.”

As the match wound to a close and the fiery energy between the pair dissipated into the stadium, the classic rock soundtrack of “I love rock and roll” played on.  

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