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The Daily predicts: Women’s basketball season

Ahead of the start of the Michigan women’s basketball season, The Daily’s beat writers make their predictions on the Wolverines’ season, along with other Big Ten results and accolades. 

Who is Michigan’s most valuable player?

Goldman: Emily Kiser

Daniels: Emily Kiser

Cushnir: Leigha Brown

Budin: Emily Kiser

Who is Michigan’s most improved player?

Goldman: Ari Wiggins

Daniels: Cameron Williams

Cushnir: Laila Phelia

Budin: Maddie Nolan

Who is Michigan’s most important newcomer?

Goldman: Greta Kampschroeder

Daniels: Greta Kampschroeder

Cushnir: Greta Kampschroeder

Budin: Greta Kampschroeder

Who wins Big Ten Player of the Year?

Goldman: Caitlin Clark, Iowa

Daniels: Caitlin Clark, Iowa

Cushnir: Caitlin Clark, Iowa

Budin: Caitlin Clark, Iowa

Who wins Big Ten Coach of the Year?

Goldman: Amy Williams, Nebraska

Daniels: Kim Barnes Arico

Cushnir: Kim Barnes Arico

Budin: Teri Moren, Indiana

Where does Michigan place in the Big Ten?

Goldman: Fourth

Daniels: Third

Cushnir: Fourth

Budin: Fourth

Who wins the Big Ten regular season?

Goldman: Iowa

Daniels: Iowa

Cushnir: Iowa

Budin: Indiana 

Who wins the Big Ten Tournament?

Goldman: Indiana

Daniels: Michigan

Cushnir: Iowa

Budin: Ohio State 

What seed does Michigan get in the NCAA Tournament?

Goldman: 5

Daniels: 4

Cushnir: 6

Budin: 5

How far does Michigan make it in the tournament?

Goldman: Sweet 16

Daniels: Elite Eight

Cushnir: Sweet 16

Budin: Round of 32

Who is in the Final Four?

Goldman: South Carolina, Stanford, Iowa, Louisville

Daniels: South Carolina, Stanford, Notre Dame, Louisville

Cushnir: South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, Iowa State

Budin: South Carolina, Stanford, Texas, Tennessee

Who wins the NCAA Tournament?

Goldman: South Carolina

Daniels: South Carolina

Cushnir: South Carolina

Budin: Stanford