When you see the title of this article, what goes through your mind? A root-beer kegger? Pizza party? Rousing tournament of Monopoly with a few games of Uno on the side? Chances are, you’re picturing a well-lit room with several mild-mannered conversations going around, maybe interrupted by the occasional neck-bearded kid yelling “YAHTZEE!”

This interjection, of course, is met with a few phrases like, “Gosh darnit, Derick,” and “Well I guess we know who’s closest to Jesus today!” Certainly, this would seem like a pleasant time (for your grandma) and you might even stay for a minute or two, but it’s probably not a party you’d walk across campus for. Heck, you might not even walk across the street for it.

There’s nothing wrong with root-beer keggers or pizza parties, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with conversations or neck beards. (Actually, yes, there is something very wrong with neck beards, but you get my point.) Of all the things you thought of, there’s nothing wrong with them; they’re just not the reason you go to parties.

You go to parties for the social interaction. You go to parties to forget the things that drag you down the rest of the week. You go to parties because, let’s face it, you’ve got some pretty sick moves and the world needs to see them. There are a million reasons to go to parties and, in your mind, a Christian frat might only satisfy about two of those reasons.

Let me introduce you to BYX — Beta Upsilon Chi. We’re in a new house and we’re having a party.

But not just any party. A party would be one night and you’re done. I’m talking more of a festival, a multi-night event. Day one, we’re having a barbeque, because who doesn’t like free food? Day two, we’re having a block party, because who doesn’t like using their bizarre lawn-game talents to win free prizes? And day three, we’re having a rave, because who doesn’t like a hangover-free (yet still crazy) time to end Syllabus Week?

Look back at that last sentence and read what’s in parenthesis. “Yet still crazy.” You don’t believe that, do you?

Let me paint this picture:

You walk up to the BYX House, 407 North Ingalls, and quickly notice there’s no line. “Maybe this isn’t peak time? Or maybe they’re terrible at advertising?” You decide it took a couple minutes to get here, so you might as well take a gander inside.

The first thing you notice: the brothers at the front door are welcoming everyone in and thanking them for coming. You’re not too surprised by this, given your pleasant demeanor, golden personality and how your squad is absolutely killing the game tonight, but the greatness of a party isn’t defined by its front door, so you quickly move on. There aren’t many people in the common area, so you go downstairs to see what this Christian frat party is really like.

In a shocking blow to your expectations, this party isn’t happening in a well-lit room at all; the room is only decently lit, with crazy lights like you’ve seen at other parties. Remember Yahtzee-playing Derick from your expectations? As it turns out, he’s actually a masterful DJ with tracks that light the whole house on fire. Confirming an expectation, you notice there are a few conversations happening, but it’s tough to hear them over the noise of a crowd absolutely losing its mind. Looking at this party purely for what it is. It’s a lot like other parties; there’s just a distinct lack of smashed windows and smashed human beings.

For those in BYX and for the hundreds who have experienced their parties before, this is the kind of night that’s filled with great memories and great people. For everyone else, you’re more than welcome to join in and find out for yourselves. Either way, you’ll never truly know what it’s like until you party with a Christian frat.

Adam Morton is an LSA junior. He can be reached at adammort@umich.edu. The BYX Island Party is open to everyone and will be taking place Sept. 10-12, with details available on the event’s Facebook page.


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