Dear members of the University Michigan community,

We stand with our friends, students, colleagues and with the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs and Central Student Government, and the Senate Assembly in condemning the recent anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-activist chalkings on the Diag. Whatever the political motivations of those engaged in such acts, their expressions of disrespect for members of our community can have nothing but a chilling effect on the social and intellectual life of this campus.

We want to underscore that Muslim students and colleagues are integral members of this campus community and make important contributions to the life of the institution. We thus endorse SACUA’s December resolution “to unequivocally oppose and condemn all attempts to discriminate against, marginalize, or denigrate students, faculty or staff on the basis of religious faith, national origin or ethnic belonging.” And we call on all members of the community — students, faculty, staff and administrators — to join in support of the right of everyone, as CSG put it, “to be free from discrimination, persecution, and to be treated with dignity and respect by the University and the campus community.”

Finally, we want to emphasize the urgency of the situation. We call on the University administration to join with us to find more effective means of helping ensure that the objectives of establishing an inclusive and diverse campus are realized.


University Faculty 

  1. Evelyn Alsultany, American Culture/Arab and Muslim American Studies

  2. John Carson, History

  3. Juan Cole, History

  4. Maria Cotera, American Culture Department, Women’s Studies Department

  5. Matthew Countryman, History and American Culture

  6. Hussein Fancy, History

  7. Will Glover, History

  8. Farina Mir, History

  9. Kathryn Babayan, History & NES

  10. Alice Goff, History / German

  11. Murat C. Yildiz, History

  12. Gina Soter, Classical Studies and Residential College

  13. Anna Watkins Fisher, American Culture and Residential College

  14. Ruth Tsoffar, Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature

  15. Hal Morgenstern, Epidemiology

  16. Rachel Neis, History and Judaic Studies

  17. Jane Banaszak-Holl, Health Management and Policy

  18. John Monnier, Astronomy

  19. Amanda Armstrong, History

  20. Joseph Lam, Musicology

  21. Daniel Hirschman, Sociology

  22. Richard Mann, Psychology

  23. Ana María León, History of Art & Romance Languages and Literatures

  24. Kathleen Canning, History

  25. David Caron, Romance Languages and Literatures

  26. Erdem Cipa, History & Near Eastern Studies

  27. Elizabeth Anderson, Philosophy

  28. Joshua Rabinowitz, Psychology

  29. Brant E. Fries, HMP

  30. Ronald Suny, History

  31. Margaret A. Leary, Law School (retired)

  32. Virginia Murphy, Residential College

  33. Michael Elliott, Biostatistics

  34. Monica Valluri, Astronomy

  35. Fatma Muge Gocek, Sociology and Women’s Studies

  36. Rebecca J. Scott, History & Law

  37. Timothy Johnson MD, OBGYN

  38. María Dolores Morillo , RLL

  39. Sueann Caulfield, history and residential college

  40. Fred Feinberg, Ross School of Business

  41. Silvia Lindtner , School of information

  42. victor lieberman, history

  43. Helen Fox, Residential College

  44. Dena Goodman, History & Women’s Studies

  45. Antoine Traisnel, Comparative Literature and English

  46. Laura Scott, Biostatistics

  47. Elizabeth Goodenough, RC Arts and Ideas

  48. Sara McClelland, Psychology & Women’s Studies

  49. Silke Weineck, comparative literature

  50. Luis F Sfeir-Younis, Sociology

  51. Jonathan Brennan, Linguistics

  52. Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, American Culture, Romance Languages

  53. Stephanie Moore, Combined Program in Education and Psychology

  54. Maureen Sartor, DCM&B

  55. Geoff Eley, History

  56. Henry Greenspan, Residential College

  57. Jaime Rodríguez-Matos, Romance Languages and Literatures

  58. Regina Morantz-Sanchez, History

  59. Javier Sanjinés, Romance Languages and Literatures

  60. Thomas Willette, History of Art

  61. William A. Calvo-Quiros, American Culture

  62. Hitomi Tonomura, History

  63. Ananda Sen , Biostatistics

  64. Mayte Green-Mercado, Romance Languages and Literatures

  65. Hakem Al-Rustom, History

  66. Peter McIsaac, Germanic Languages and Literature

  67. Dean Hubbs, Women’s Studies

  68. Sonya Rose, Professor Emerita, History

  69. Donka Markus, Classical Studies

  70. Robert Axelrod, Political Science

  71. David William Cohen, History and Anthropology Emeritus

  72. Yago Colas, Comp Lit & RC

  73. Amy Sara Carroll, American Culture, Latina/o Studies, and English

  74. Ellen Muehlberger, Near Eastern Studies

  75. Yeidy M. Rivero, Screen Arts and Cultures/American Culture

  76. Angela Dillard, DAAS/RC/Dean’s Office

  77. Joshua Cole, History

  78. William Paulson, Romance Languages and Literatures

  79. Patricia Gurin, Psychology

  80. Minal Patel, Health Behavior and Health Education

  81. Melanie S. Tanielian, History

  82. Karla Mallette, RLL

  83. Kali Israel, History

  84. Ram Mahalingam, Psychology

  85. Abby Stewart, Psychology and Women’s Studies

  86. David H. Baum, Law School

  87. Peggy McCracken, Romance Languages and Literatures, Women’s Studies, Comparative Literature

  88. Katherine French, History

  89. Anita Gonzalez, Theatre and Drama

  90. Kalli Federhofer, German

  91. Sara Forsdyke, Classical Studies

  92. Shobita Parthasarathy, Ford School of Public Policy

  93. Gregory E Dowd, History and American Culture

  94. Enrique Garcia Santo-Tomas, Romance Languages and Literatures

  95. Jerry Davis, Ross School of Business

  96. Cathie Spino, Biostatistics

  97. Kira Thurman, German

  98. Anne Berg, History

  99. Stephen Ward, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies and the Residential College

  100. James Krier, Law

  101. Charles Brght, Residential College & History

  102. Timothy D. Johnson, Biostatistics

  103. Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel, Residential College

  104. Robert Jansen, Sociology

  105. Alexandra Minna Stern, American Culture

  106. Julie E Boland, Psychology

  107. Ruby C. Tapia, English and Women’s Studies

  108. Ian Moyer, History

  109. Ian Roederer, Astronomy

  110. Sandra Gunning, American Culture and Department of Afroamerican and African Studies

  111. Amy Schulz, Health Behavior and Health Education

  112. Thomas R. Trautmann, History

  113. Nesha Haniff , DAAS

  114. David Potter, Classical Studies

  115. Gabrielle Hecht, History

  116. Aruna Sarma, Urology

  117. Magdalena Zaborowska, American Culture and Afroamerican Studies

  118. Margaret Somers, Sociology and History

  119. Anthony Mora, History

  120. Scotti Parrish, English/PitE

  121. Marie O’Neill, School of Public Health

  122. Carol Persad, UCLL, Mary A. Rackham Institute

  123. Sari van Anders, Psychology & Women’s Studies

  124. J. Todd Arnedt, Ph.D., Psychiatry

  125. Steve Gray, Law School

  126. Naomi Andre, Residential College

  127. Suellyn Scarnecchia, Law

  128. Edwin Bergin, Astronomy

  129. Dario Gaggio, History

  130. Catherine Badgley, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

  131. Dean Yang, Economics

  132. Alan Deardorff, Economics and Public Policy

  133. Dominique Butler-Borruat, Residential College

  134. Paul Courant, Economics and Public Public Policy

  135. Brian Porter-Szucs, History

  136. Tara J Yosso, Education

  137. John R Griffith, Health Management & Policy

  138. Gayle Rubin, Anthropology and Women’s Studies

  139. Josh Wondra, Psychology

  140. Jaeeun Kim, Sociology

  141. Mark L. Wilson, Epidemiology

  142. Sheela Kennedy, Health Management and Policy

  143. Silvia Pedraza, Sociology and American Culture

  144. Alexa Pearce, University Library

  145. Arvind Mandair, Asian Languages and Cultures

  146. Brian Min, Political Science

  147. Mrinalini Sinha, History

  148. Donald Lopez, Asian Languages and Cultures

  149. Victoria Langland, History and RLL

  150. Joseph Trumpey, Stamps School of Art & Design

  151. Stephen Berrey, American Culture; History

  152. Robin R. Means Coleman, Communication Studies/DAAS

  153. Meg Sweeney, English and DAAS

  154. Sung Kyun Park, Epidemiology

  155. Joshua L. Miller, English

  156. Deirdre de la Cruz, History

  157. Cody Walker, English Language & Literature

  158. Lucy Hartley, English

  159. Jonathan Freedman, English, AC

  160. Carl Simon, Public Policy

  161. Manan Desai, American Culture

  162. John Whittier-Ferguson, English

  163. Douglas Trevor, English

  164. Ritesh Mistry, Health Behavior and Health Education

  165. Rita Chin, History

  166. Andrea Zemgulys, English Language and Literature

  167. Christi Merrill, Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures

  168. Robin Queen, Linguistics

  169. Jason Wright, American Culture

  170. Deborah Watkins, Environmental Health Sciences

  171. Allan Lumba, History

  172. Brandi Hughes, American Culture and History

  173. Alan Wald, English/American Culture

  174. Ana Vinea, Near Eastern Studies

  175. Samer Ali, Near Eastern Studies

  176. Jonathan McLaughlin, History

  177. Elizabeth Mathie, English Language and Literature

  178. Edie Goldenberg, Political Science/Ford School

  179. Rashid Bashshur, UMHS

  180. Tom Fricke, Anthropology

  181. Linda Chatters , Health Behavior and Health Education

  182. Victor Mendoza, Women’s Studies and English

  183. Peter Ho Davies, English

  184. Gary Beckman, NES

  185. Lydia Soo, Architecture

  186. Matthew S. Hull, Anthropology, Center for South Asian Studies

  187. Kyle McCormick, English Language and Literature

  188. Varuni Bhatia, Asian Languages and Cultures

  189. Pauline Jones Luong, Political Science

  190. David C. Musch, Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, and Epidemiology

  191. Lincoln Faller, English (Emeritus)

  192. Aileen Das, Classical Studies

  193. Michael Lempert, Anthropology

  194. Casey Otemuyiwa, English and Education

  195. Molly Dickinson, English Literature and Language

  196. Omolade Adunbi, Department of Afroamerican and African Studies

  197. Howard Tsai, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

  198. Elizabeth Wingrove, Political Science and Women’s Studies

  199. Muzammil M. Hussain, Communication Studies

  200. Allen Hicken, Political Science

  201. Joy Rohde, Ford School/History

  202. Geoff Emberling, Kelsey Museum

  203. Lee Hartmann, Astronomy

  204. Jay Crisostomo, Near Eastern Studies

  205. Julie Ellison, American Culture and English

  206. Kris Hernandez, American Culture

  207. Craig Regester, Residential College/Semester in Detroit

  208. Elizabeth Roberts, Anthropology

  209. Evyn Kropf, University Library

  210. Lisa Hermine Makman, English

  211. Shazia Iftkhar, Communication Studies

  212. Aric D. Knuth, English

  213. Mohammad Alhawary, NES

  214. Terrance S Andalow, Law School

  215. Janet Richards, Near Eastern Studies

  216. Matthew Jaber Stiffler, American Culture

  217. Aaron J. Stone, English Language & Literature

  218. Maria I Rodriguez, Residential College

  219. Pamela Wolpert, English

  220. Yeshua Tolle, English

  221. George Steinmetz, Sociology and German

  222. Carol Jacobsen, Stamps School of Art & Design, Women’s Studies

  223. Jaclyn Goodrich, Environmental Health Sciences

  224. Melanie Yergeau, English

  225. Arthur Verhoogt, Classical Studies

  226. Claire Vaye Watkins, English

  227. Andrew Shryock, Anthropology

  228. Mary Heitzeg, Psychiatry

  229. Julia Hell, German Studies

  230. Annika Cunningham, English

  231. Mireille Roddier, Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning

  232. Marita Inglehart, Periodontics and Oral Medicine

  233. G Keith Taylor, English

  234. Mark Tessler,

  235. Carmel O’Shannessy, Linguistics

  236. Pamela Ballinger, History

  237. Phil Witte, English

  238. Anna Kirkland, Women’s Studies and Political Science

  239. Sheryl Olson, Psychology

  240. Michèle Hannoosh, Romance Languages & Literatures

  241. Christiane Gruber, History of Art

  242. Megan Holmes, History of Art

  243. Dan Frazier, English Language and Literature

  244. Celeste Brusati, History of Art

  245. Jennifer Nelson, History of Art

  246. Christina LaRose, English and Women’s Studies

  247. Thomas Weisskopf, Economics/Residential College

  248. Rebecca Wollenberg, Judaic Studies

  249. Stuart Kirsch, Anthropology

  250. Simeneh Betreyohannes Gebremariam, Anthropology

  251. Andrew Bernard, Anthropology

  252. Devi Mays, Judaic Studies

  253. John D Speth, Anthropology

  254. Amrita Dhar, English

  255. Erik Mueggler, Anthropology

  256. Richard Hoffman Reinhardt, Anthro-History

  257. Jennifer Robertson, Anthropology & History of Art

  258. Jim Carter, Romance Languages & Literatures

  259. Eric Bell, Astronomy

  260. Gabriele Boccaccini, PhD, Near Eastern Studies

  261. Jane Lynch, Anthropology

  262. Chun-shu Chang, History

  263. Elizabeth Dickey, English

  264. Aswin Punathambekar, Communication Studies

  265. Leela Fernandes, Women’s Studies

  266. Matthew Biro, History of Art

  267. Regev Nathansohn, Anthropology

  268. Alaina Lemon, Anthopology

  269. David Frye, Anthropology

  270. David G. Winter, Psychology

  271. Meilu HO, Musicology

  272. Nathan Sheldon, Earth and Environmental Sciences

  273. Jesse Carr, American Culture

  274. Gina Brandolino, Sweetland Center for Writing / English

  275. Matan Kaminer, Anthropology

  276. Gillian Feeley-Harnik, Anthropology

  277. Duygu Ula, Comparative Literature

  278. Juan Carlos de los Santos, RLL

  279. Kristen Harrison, Communication Studies

  280. Andrew Herscher, Architecture

  281. Joan Kee, History of Art

  282. Ernest P. Young, History

  283. Cameron Cross, NES

  284. MicKenzie Fasteland, English Language and Literature

  285. Barbara Alvarez, University Library

  286. Amy Westmoreland, Psychology

  287. Judy Smith, Taubman Health Sciences Library

  288. Mark MacEachern, Taubman Library

  289. Melissa Gomis, University Library

  290. Alexandra Stark, Learning Programs and Initiatives

  291. Sigrid Anderson Cordell, University Library

  292. Garrett Felber, American Culture

  293. Heidi Burkhardt, University Library

  294. Ali Shapiro, EDWP

  295. Marieka Kaye, University Library Preservation & Conservation

  296. Benjamin Keating, English

  297. Alexey Morozov, Aerospace (2013)

  298. Emily Toth Martin, Epidemiology

  299. Ellen Mueller , University Library

  300. Simone Sessolo, Sweetland

  301. Brian Matzke, English

  302. Angela Berkley, English/Sweetland

  303. Pablo Alvarez, Special Collections Library

  304. Larissa Sano, Sweetland Center for Writing

  305. Naomi Silver, Sweetland Center for Writing

  306. Christine Modey, Sweetland Center for Writing

  307. Joseph Vining, Law

  308. Mari Suzuki, Asia Library, University Library

  309. Marlyse Baptista, Linguistics and DAAS

  310. Jungwon Yang, University Library-Research

  311. Katrina Hagedorn, University Library

  312. Karen E. Downing, University Library

  313. Ashley Miller, History of Art

  314. Arnold Ho, Organizational Studies/Psychology

  315. David Schoem, Michigan Community Scholars Program; Sociology

  316. Loyd Mbabu, University Library

  317. Gareth Williams, Romance Languages & Literatures

  318. Alex Potts, History of Art

  319. Michael Bonner, Near Eastern Studies

  320. Justin Joque, University Libraries

  321. Julie Babcock, Sweetland/English

  322. Tatjana Aleksic, Slavic/Comparative Lit.

  323. Anne R. Gere, Sweetland/English/Education

  324. Grace Hobbs, Comparative Literature

  325. Judith Gray, American Culture

  326. Scott Beal, Sweetland Center for Writing

  327. Jason De Leon, Anthropology

  328. Paul Barron, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program and Sweetland

  329. Julie Herrada, University Library

  330. Richard Janko, Classical Studies

  331. T Hetzel, Sweetland Center for Writing

  332. Derek Palacio, English

  333. Lori Tschirhart, University Library

  334. Janet Crayne, University Library, International Studies

  335. Juli McLoone, Special Collections Library

  336. Harry Kashdan, Comparative Literature

  337. Barbara Beaton, University Library

  338. Behrad Aghaei, Near Eastern Studies

  339. Raymond McDaniel, Sweetland Center for Writing

  340. Ken Varnum, University Library

  341. Carol Tell, Sweetland Center for Writing

  342. Adam Sneed, English

  343. Erin L. Brightwell, Asian Languages & Cultures

  344. Yopie Prins, Comparative Literature

  345. Sonia Rupcic, Anthropology

  346. Justin Schell, University Library – Shapiro Design Lab

  347. Shelley Manis, Sweetland Center for Writing

  348. Catherine Brown, Comparative Literature/Residential College

  349. Charlotte Karem Albrecht, American Culture, Women’s Studies, Arab and Muslim American Studies

  350. Aliyah Khan, DAAS & English

  351. Shevon Desai, University Library

  352. Kenneth Warner, Health Management and Policy

  353. Kodi Scheer, Sweetland Center for Writing

  354. Phyllis Meadows, Health Management and Policy

  355. Reginald Jackson, Asian Languages and Cultures

  356. Helen Look, University Library

  357. Simone Singh, Health Management and Policy

  358. Tish O’Dowd, English

  359. Lisa Prosser, Pediatrics

  360. Jonathan Rothman, University Library

  361. Malcolm Tariq, English Language and Literature

  362. Martin Powers, History of Art

  363. Will Stroebel, Comparative Literature

  364. Emily Rauscher, Astronomy

  365. Jeffrey Veidlinger, Judaic Studies/ History

  366. Ramona Uritescu-Lombard, Germanic Lang & Lit

  367. Adela Pinch, English

  368. Cintia Huitzil, SSW/Anthro PhD

  369. Dawn Kaczmar, English Language and Literature

  370. Susan Najita, English, American Culture, Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies

  371. Amanda Peters, University Library

  372. Eugene Burnstein, Institute for Social Research

  373. Lorraine Nadelman, Psychology

  374. Nejat Seyhun, Ross School of Business

  375. Meredith Kahn, University Library

  376. PF Anderson, University Libraries

  377. Louis Cicciarelli, Sweetland Center for Writing

  378. Sally Oey, Astronomy

  379. Anne Curzan, English

  380. Ash Brown, University Library

  381. Madhumita Lahiri, English

  382. Johannes von Moltke, German / SAC

  383. Sioban Harlow, Epidemiology

  384. anna ercoli schnitzer, Taubman Health Sciences Library

  385. Mary Kelley, History

  386. Mason Jabbari, English

  387. SE Kile, Asian Languages and Cultures

  388. Adrienne Dessel, Program on Intergroup Relations

  389. Deborah Dash Moore, History and Judaic Studies

  390. Osman Khan, Stamps School of Art & Design

  391. holly hughes, Stamps School of Art and Design

  392. Heidi Kumao, Stamps School of Art & Design

  393. Gunalan Nadarajan , Stamps School of Art and Design

  394. Phoebe Gloeckner, Stamps School of Art and Design

  395. Mohammad Fatouraie, Alumni

  396. bruce tharp, stamps school of art and design

  397. Naomi Wilson, Educational Studies

  398. Alexandra Paige Fischer, SNRE

  399. Jacqueline Mattis, Psychology

  400. Robert Platt, Stamps Schoof of Art & design

  401. Elizabeth Campbell, Law

  402. Robert Adams, Architecture

  403. Andrea Cardinal, Stamps School of Art + Design

  404. Ian Robinson, Sociology & Residential College

  405. Kate Tremel, Stamps School of Art and Design

  406. Pamela Smock, Sociology

  407. Clement Hawes, History and English

  408. Kendall Babl, Stamps School of Art & Design

  409. Tony Gillum, English L&L

  410. Michael Rodemer, Stamps School of Art & Design

  411. Yasmin Moll, Anthropology/MSF

  412. Allison Alexy, Asian Language and Cultures

  413. Terence McGinn, Sociology

  414. Rebekah Modrak, Stamps School of Art & Design

  415. Susan Hoge, Stamps School of Art & Design

  416. Emilia White, Stamps School of Art & Design

  417. Matt Kenyon , Stamps school of art and design

  418. Michael J Wiley, SNRE

  419. Bruce Mannheim, Anthropology

  420. Brad Smith, Stamps School of Art & Design

  421. Paula Lantz, Ford School of Public Policy

  422. Susan Waltz, Ford School of Public Policy

  423. Nick Tobier, Stamps

  424. Andy Kirshner, SMTD/Stamps

  425. Howard Brick, History

  426. Susan Ackermann, Stamps School of Art and Design

  427. Kendall Walton, Philosophy

  428. ruth burke, stamps school of art and design

  429. Faith Sparr, Communication Studies

  430. Amanda Alexander, DAAS / Law

  431. Jon Verney, Stamps School of Art & Design

  432. Kathleen Dow, University Library

  433. joanne leonard, stamps school of art and design

  434. Alisse Portnoy, English Language and Literature

  435. John Vandermeer, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  436. Jim Cogswell, Stamps School of Art & Design

  437. Elona Van Gent, Stamps School of Art & Design

  438. Merle Rosenzweig, University Library

  439. Dominic Garzonio, American Culture

  440. Paul N. Edwards , School of Information and History Dept.

  441. Michael Moore, SNRE

  442. Robert Grese, SNRE

  443. David A. Wallace, School of Information

  444. Daniel Romero, School of Information

  445. Theresa Tinkle, English Language and Literature

  446. Romy Hill-Cronin, Stamps Art & Design

  447. Christian Sandvig, Communication Studies

  448. Juliana Lew, Stamps School of Art & Design

  449. Darlene P Nichols, University Library

  450. Yan Chen, School of Information

  451. Paul Resnick, School of Informatoin

  452. Fernando Arenas, DAAS/RLL

  453. Leslie Rogers, Stamps School of Art & Design

  454. Jeffrey Martin, University Library-Hatcher Graduate Library

  455. Susan Crowell, RC / Stamps

  456. Valentina Montero-Roman, English Language and Literature

  457. Peggy Lee, American Culture

  458. Sarah Loebman, Astronomy

  459. Nancy Benovich Gilby, School of Information

  460. Aisha Wahab, Library, Conservation Department

  461. Eric Swanson, Philosophy and Linguistics

  462. Andrés Pletch, History

  463. Elizabeth Armstrong, Sociology and Organizational Studies

  464. Steven Ratner, Law School

  465. Elizabeth Wierba, Psychology

  466. Cathy VanVoorhis, Stamps School of Art and Design

  467. Howard White, Stamps School of Art & Design

  468. Scott L. Greer, Health Management and Policy

  469. Valerie Traub, English & Women’s Studies

  470. Richard Meisler, American Culture

  471. Roland Graf, Stamps School

  472. Sherle Abramson-Bluhm, University Library

  473. Casey Pierce, School of Information

  474. Joyojeet Kunal Pal, School of Information

  475. Emily Schiffer, Stamps School of Art & Design

  476. Darshan Karwat, Mechanical Engineering

  477. Christi-Anne Castro, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  478. Mishona Collier, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  479. Kristen Clough, Musicology

  480. Mark Clague, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  481. Sarah Suhadolnik, Musicology

  482. E.J. Westlake, Theatre & Drama

  483. Louise Stein, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  484. Max Heiridh, Sociology (Emeritus)

  485. Megan Hill, Musicology

  486. Steven M. Whiting, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  487. June Howard, English and American Culture

  488. Paul Christopher Johnson, History, DAAS, Anthro-History

  489. Lester Monts, Musicology – SMTD

  490. Martin Pernick, History

  491. James McNally, Musicology

  492. Arun Agrawal, School of Natural Resources and Environment

  493. Rosario Ceballo, Women’s Studies & Psychology

  494. Joe Eisenberg, Epidemiology

  495. Stefano Mengozzi, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

  496. Peter D. Jacobson, HMP

  497. Claire Zimmerman, History of Art/ Architecture

  498. Claudia Wigger, Architecture

  499. Mark Meier, Architecture

  500. Adrian Deva, Stamps School of Art & Design

  501. Christian Unverzagt, Architecture

  502. Jen Maigret, Architecture

  503. Cyrus Penarroyo, Architecture

  504. Ruth R Caston, Classical Studies

  505. Sarita Schoenebeck, School of Information

  506. Sharon Haar, Archtecture

  507. Dawn Gilpin, Architecture

  508. Tara Beebani, Near Eastern Studies

  509. Peter von Buelow, Architecture

  510. Kasey Vliet, Architecture

  511. Tszyan Ng, Architecture

  512. Yojairo Lomeli, Architecture

  513. Peter Halquist, Architecture

  514. Craig Borum, Architecture

  515. Jessica Frelinghuysen, Stamps School of Art and Design

  516. David Eskenazi, Architecture

  517. Ellie Abrons, Architecture

  518. Emily Goedde, Comparative Literature

  519. Hilary Levinson, Comparative Literature

  520. theresa rohlck, english language institute

  521. Melinda Matice, English Language Institute

  522. Pamela Bogart, English Language Institute

  523. Judy Dyer, English Language Institute

  524. Lawrence Root, School of Social Work

  525. Sandra Danziger, School of Social Work and Ford School of Public Policy

  526. Charles Garvin, School of Social Work

  527. Mathieu Despard, School of Social Work

  528. Daniel G. Saunders, School of Social Work

  529. Shari Robinson-Lynk, School of Social Work

  530. Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, School of Social Work

  531. Rabindar Subbian , School of Social Work

  532. Relando Thompkins-Jones, School of Social Work

  533. Diane Kaplan Vinokur, School of Social Work

  534. Jono Bentley Sturt, Architecture

  535. Rogerio M. Pinto, School of Social Work

  536. William C. Birdsall, School of Soc Work

  537. Rachel Naasko, School of Social Work

  538. Mary Ortega, School of Social Work

  539. Catalina Ormsby, School of Social Work, UROP

  540. Tina Louise, School of Social Work

  541. Tarey Reilly, English Language Institute

  542. Adam Fure, Architecture

  543. H. Luke Shaefer, School of Social Work

  544. Steven Mankouche, Architecture

  545. Saquib Usman, Anthropology

  546. Thomas Powell, School of Social Work

  547. Katie Lopez, School of Social Work

  548. Sidonie Smith, English and Women’s Studies

  549. Jennifer Nason Davis, University Library

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