Zap Mama, born Marie Daulne in Zaire, draws inspiration from her
African heritage, British upbringing and love of contemporary soul
music on her newest album Ancestry in Progress. She combines
earthy, sultry vocals with rhythms reminiscent of calypso, jazz and
hip-hop. Featuring Erykah Badu, Common, Talib Kweli and ?uestlove
of the Roots on drums, Ancestry, is a musical success.

Music Reviews

Each song takes listeners on a journey, with Zap Mama acting as
an enthusiastic guide. “Show Me the Way,” is a night on
the town with “the girls.” The song is infused with
festive sounds that express the joy of sharing true friendship.
“Alright” is a lament to a lost love, as she tries to
resign herself to the end of the relationship. Almost half the
songs are in French, which contributes to the diversity of the
album and the allure of the tracks. Unfortunately, this also poses
a bit of a problem for non-French-speaking listeners, as they
wonder what exactly is being said.

A beautiful language and a lovely voice create an exotic and
artful expression of love, fun and pleasure. Zap Mama invokes all
these feelings with her unique sound in Ancestry In
, simultaneously reaching back to her rich musical
heritage and looking forward to the future via a talented cast of


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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