5 “Star Wars – Episode III:
Revenge Of The Sith” Trailer — Say what you want about
the prequels, but there is no denying that George Lucas sure knows
how to cut a trailer to excite the masses. Debuting on the Internet
tomorrow, the first peak at the final “Star Wars” movie
is sure to have millions talking around water coolers until May (or
until the second trailer debuts). The teaser will also be shown
with “The Incredibles” come Friday, which is a good
excuse to go see that amazing film.

Janna Hutz
Courtesy of Nintendo

4 Current Movie Soundtracks —
It’s a great time for music in the movies. Musical genius Jon
Brion wrote the score and contributed songs for “I (heart)
Huckabees.” Mick Jagger and Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart
have put together new tunes for the “Alfie” remake and
the “Team America: World Police” soundtrack is just
plain brilliant. Here’s hoping “America, Fuck
Yeah!” scores an Oscar nomination.

3 “World News Now” — If
you are ever up late studying, turn your television to the greatest
news program of all time. A staple on ABC since 1992, this
late-night news program combines current events with healthy doses
of irrelevant humor. And you know what Thursday night/early Friday
morning means: World News Polka!

2 Nintendo DS — Nintendo’s
latest handheld system is debuting in less than three weeks, and
you better believe I’m pumped. Featuring two screens,
it’s too early to tell whether the console will be
revolutionary or merely be a gimmick a la “Virtual Boy”
(and nearly every Nintendo peripheral). The fact that the system
has a new version of “Super Mario 64” ensures
I’ll be buying one Nov. 21.

1 November — There’s a lot to
be thankful for this month if you’re a pop culture fanatic:
Heavily hyped movies (“The Incredibles,”
“Alexander”), videogame sequels (“Halo 2,”
“Metroid Prime 2”), loaded DVDs (“Shrek 2,”
“Gone With The Wind”) and plenty of new music (U2 and
Eminem). Why does everything have to cost so much?

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