An Ypsilanti resident is now facing misdemeanor charges in 15th District Court for attempting to break into several rooms in South Quad Residence Hall Friday.

According to Department of Public Safety reports, the man, allegedly 24-year-old Garland Hall, was seen testing several doorknobs – including one to a women’s restroom – on the residence hall’s third floor at about 8 a.m. Friday.

Upon discovering an unlocked door, he knocked and entered after not receiving an answer, but was then confronted by the room’s resident. He left the area and DPS was notified soon afterward, reports state.

DPS Capt. Joe Piersante said officers were able to apprehend the man, who was described in DPS reports as tall and wearing a black coat and dark jeans, based on information provided by witnesses.

Hall, who is not affiliated with the University, was arrested after police discovered he had a stolen elevator access key in his pocket, Piersante said. According to the DPS crime log, nothing else was reported stolen from the residence hall Friday morning, and Piersante said Hall never gained access to any of the rooms. Newly-activated security cameras placed at the residence hall’s entrances determined that Hall was able to enter the building by “piggybacking” behind a student, Piersante said.

DPS is still investigating whether Hall could be responsible for other recent home invasions or thefts in residence halls, Piersante said.

DPS reports state that a resident of Mosher Jordan Residence Hall reported Jan. 22 that her purse was missing from her room. There were no signs of forced entry. Another apparent theft was reported later that evening in West Quad Residence Hall. A resident told police her wallet was stolen from her room while she was asleep. Police reports state the door had been closed but not locked.

A third wallet was allegedly stolen from a room in Alice Lloyd Residence Hall. DPS reports did not state whether the room had been locked.

Hall was arraigned Saturday on trespassing and illegal entry charges. Each charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

Hall is currently free on a $150 personal bond and is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 4 at 1:30 p.m. for his preliminary trial.

Piersante said DPS is still investigating a Jan. 23 incident in which two University students were seen trying to break into the West Quad mailroom.

The students were apprehended but later released.

They could face charges of attempted breaking and entering and possession of breaking and entering tools, Piersante said.

He declined to comment on the students’ identities until after they are arraigned.

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