New York’s hero of the subways tells David Letterman how he rescued a man from being flattened by an oncoming subway train in Manhattan.

While for some time Wesley Autrey insisted he wasn’t a hero, the national media and politicians alike found everything about him, including his attempts to demure, irresistibly heroic. In this video, while he seems modest and good-natured enough, it’s good to see he’s basking in his 15 minutes.

The clip could even has some educational value – should you ever find yourself facing off with Manhattan’s A Train. Letterman shows a graphic of how exactly Jones managed to wedge himself and another man safely between the tracks so that nothing but his blue hat was damaged.

As congressman are touching young boys and the nation is embroiled in a sticky battle overseas, seeing an everyday superman on the news is genuinely uplifting. Especially if he can wear pink and red and still look good.

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