The weather doesn’t have to be boring – just ask meteorologist Jim Kosek.

Phillip Kurdunowicz

Kosek, the subject of a profile called “Weatherman Gone Wild,” does dozens of local weather reports each day. The job could be repetitive, and he didn’t want his reports to be boring, so Kosek started adding a little flavor: a spastic dance, a funny voice, an off-color joke.

There’s something alluring about the way Kosek makes the weather his own, sometimes calling out errors on the projection behind him.

“I don’t buy this for one iota,” Kosek yells, gesturing at a map of State College, Penn. “Not even a second!”

Sometimes it seems Kosek has gone mad with power, acting as if he controls the weather.

“Roanoke,” he sings eerily. “Hey, Roanoke – I’m gonna put you through pain,” he yells, clenching his fists like Zeus preparing to send down lightning.

It’s a strange style, but it apparently keeps viewers coming back.

“You can get your weather anywhere,” says Bernie Rayno, Kosek’s executive producer. “But if you can get someone that’s entertaining as well, you’re going to come back to the entertaining person.”

Well, unless all you really want is tomorrow’s forecast.

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