Incumbent U.S. Sen. Carl Levin has served Michigan for 24 years, but this fall his opponent Andrew Raczkowski says Michigan needs an “aggressive new approach” to bring federal funding back to the state.

Paul Wong
Carl Levin
Paul Wong
Andrew Raczkowski

Michigan is currently a federal donor state, meaning taxpayers pay the government more money than the state gets back. Raczkowski, a Republican state representative for Farmington Hills, said for every dollar paid, Michigan deserves a dollar back to fund infrastructure repairs.

Raczkowski said Levin, a Democrat from Detroit seeking a fifth Senate term, forgot about the state once elected to the Senate. He said he will set aside partisan politics while fighting for equal funding.

Levin said he has fought hard to increase Michigan’s federal funding during his tenure to 90 cents per dollar.

Levin and Raczkowski disagree on U.S. policy toward Iraq. As chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Levin said the United States must attack with international support. A solitary attack will weaken the worldwide coalition against terrorism and leave the United States with fewer ports facilities to use for launching attacks, Levin said.

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