University students are some of the first to hit the beaches due to the early date of spring break, which makes finding warm weather clothing in the cold Michigan climate quite a challenge. The guide below is designed to help you, the vacationer low on funds, find where to shop for that last minute necessity. Because spring break follows a way of life all its own, it has a clothing culture completely unlike any other. Each year, there are new styles arriving at area stores, hopefully before flights take off. Local boutiques stocked the shelves ahead to make sure students travel south in style.

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Sunglasses, check. Bikini, check. Sandals, check. Don”t forget the tickets.<br><br>EMMA FOSDICK/Daily

Urban Outfitters always exhibits unique style while following trends in fashion. Make sure to check out Urban”s large hat selection to avoid sunburn. They have cowboy hats, straw hats and cloth hats with wide brims, perfect for the strip in Daytona or streets of Miami. They also have an extensive selection of sunglasses and other accessories. Ethnic print belts, starting at $16, paired with jean skirts are a great look for going out to the clubs. Paisley print sarongs with a simple tank top can be an inexpensive outfit and versatile at the beach or around town. Take the sarong and tie it into a tube top for a different look.

A swimsuit may be the smallest piece of clothing a spring breaker takes, but it is one of the most important. The ever popular bikini comes in all shapes, but this season, it is most often a skimpy bottom and string top. Urban Outfitters has the largest selection of string bikinis with floral prints, horizontal lines and retro designs. Also in stock are knitted fabric bikinis, that come in cream or black, following a conservative style. There are no one-piece suits, but then, how many spring breakers are seen in those? Expect to pay at least $48 for a two-piece. Urban has jean shorts, jean skirts, tons of lightweight peasant tops (all the rage this spring season!), drawstring rayon pants for the beach at $30 and numerous pairs of sandals, like Puma slip-ons, for all your last minute needs before saying “Adios” to gray skies.

The specialty boutique Twiggy had a great selection of sunglasses along with party shirts and tank tops of all types. If you”re lucky enough to be partying in Ibiza, Spain, go in style with aviator sunglasses, in any color and shape, range from $20 to $30. The store receives new shipments of clothing daily, which means spring stock is still filtering in. They also have sundresses and pants in one-of-a-kind prints, as well as skirts, which are great to use as cover-ups. Pants, as low as $34 dollars, are a perfect alternative to the popular black booty pants seen way too often in the party scene. The prices are well within reason for the college student, so do not be intimidated by the “New York type atmosphere” as the owner said.

Unless you are going hiking for break, Bivouac is not going to be much help. They do have the largest variety and number of Michael Stars and Juicy Couture shirts, which are made of a lightweight fabric, which is great for hot nights in the clubs. As far as spring break style goes, they were lacking cute sundresses or any of the like, which are usually on the shelves pre-season.

If you have a car to go off-campus shopping, head for Jacobsen”s, J. Crew, Marshall Field”s, or even Target. Target”s Mossimo line is inexpensive and trendy, although the clothes may only last for one season. Black two-piece suits in different cuts are paired with bright color accents. If you do not want the skimpy bikini styles showcased in Urban, Mossimo has boy-cut as well as string bikinis and regular cut bikinis.

Target also has large straw beach bags, canvas bags (like one Carrie sported on “Sex and the City” several episodes ago) and clear beach bags. They have terry cloth fisherman hats, visors and tube tops in coordinating colors. Terry cloth is the same material towels are made from (perfect for the beaches of Mexico), but it is generally softer and thinner for clothing.

J. Crew has suits in every style and the cheap flip-flops needed for South Padre or Panama City. Jacobsen”s has a ton of suits in every color, shape and print. They also have a wide range of cover-ups like terry cloth shorts with matching hoodies. For the poolside in Acapulco, Marshall Field”s carries more conservative styles, including Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Calvin Klein. Tommy and RL always use preppy plaids and solid colors for their lines. For the trendier taste, larger stores also carry Rampage and Espirit. In the junior departments, you can find jean skirts that will look perfect paired with a shirt from Forever 21.

Forever 21 is great for cheap, often “throw-away” shirts. After one night of dancing down at a club in Cancun, you are going to want to do just that. The shirts are lightweight, low-cut, and most of all, in-style for the moment. They carry a wide range of pants, skirts and dresses, just right for nights out. This season, they have vertical stripe pants for half the price of those seen at other stores. It is a trend that will only last one season, but they are priced so you will not have buyer”s remorse, and you will have a couple extra bucks to spend on pia coladas.

Since you will be in sandal weather if traveling south of the border, give yourself a pedicure the night before. Make sure everything is packed, as most stores close at 9 p.m., and put your swimsuit in your carry-on for fast access.

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