Three-hundred thirty five pages with ample blood, artists, vomit, breasts, guitars and cheeseburgers. Over the course of 13 years putting out a magazine focusing on the realms of our guilty pleasures, Vice has compiled provocative pieces of photojournalism into one $45 coffee book.

Visit and you’ll discover there’s more of an academic approach to pornographic filmmaking than you had previously believed. You’ll also find that some of your peers enjoy lip salve derived from a poached and slaughtered orangutan – they actually relish in knowing their balm’s origin.

Vice has dedicated its Web forum and printed magazine to exploring the dirty things that make us feel a certain sense of discomfort, if not from the content itself then from our seemingly unnatural (or immoral) attraction it. The “Photo Book” acts as a gallery for some of the better images Vice’s cameras have captured. From photojournalistic pieces to snapshots of Lil’ Wayne to fashion pics straight from the catwalk, the coffee-table book leaves no vices unexposed. It also includes several interviews with Vice’s foremost photographers.

“The Vice Photo Book” will hit select stores (including American Apparel and in early December, just in time for you to buy that special gift for that perturbed, curious person in your life.


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