Football tickets these days for seats on the 50-yard line could fetch upwards of $100, but back in 1962, they were auctioned off for a mere $15.

The tickets were a part of the World University Service Auction, a program on campus where professors auctioned off campus luxuries, goods and other services.

According to an article in The Michigan Daily on March 15, 1962, items auctioned off included a faculty parking permit for a $22, four season passes at the Cinema Guild for $5.50, and even a dinner with then-University President Harlan Hatcher and his wife for $17.

Mavin Felheim, an energetic and sarcastic professor, acted as faux auctioneer during the event on the Diag, according to the Daily article. Eager students lined up to bid on the sometimes obscure, but often meaningful, items.

Even foreign countries got involved according to the article. Israel donated jugs with water from the Jordan River, which sold for $8.50, while Germany donated a book about the country, which sold for $5.

The highest grossing item was “feeding, cleaning and other assorted services” by the Chi Omega sorority for $41, according to the article.

A dinner at Alpha Omega Pi sorority went for $33, while breakfast served by the Sigma Delta Tau sorority cost $21.

All proceeds from the auction went to a variety of charities in the area. Students bid on the items while helping a good cause at the same time.

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