Imagine that you”re walking down State Street and you see a girl wearing tight black pants. She probably has on high platform black boots manufactured by the likes of a guy named Steve Madden. On top she is wearing a spaghetti strap low cut tank top that most likely is encrusted with glitter or decorated with a picture of a mundane object, like a blender or a bicycle, that has been studded with pastel rhinestones. The makeup that this girl is wearing would probably be able to get a whole sorority house through the weekend. You may think to yourself, “Hey that girl must be headed out to a club,” or “That girl must be on her way to a hot date.” However, I would say that this assumption, chances are, is wrong. I bet this girl is on her way to class.

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One Turntable and a Microphone<br><br>Rebecca Isenberg

If you”re like me, then these people piss you off. Honestly all I have to say to them is, why? Why, I ask, do you get up three hours before a nine o clock class to straighten your hair? Why do you choose to wear the most uncomfortable clothes possible to sit in a lecture hall with 400 other students who are all wearing sweatpants? And why do you think that anyone is noticing what you look like as they”re struggling just to keep their eyes open and pay attention. I know these decked out people will claim that they get dressed up for class because looking nice makes them feel good about themselves. It”s not for other people right? Wrong. You”re only kidding yourself.

As you may have guessed I am not one of these people. This guy I know always complains to me that I”m always dressed like I”m going to the gym. This is funny cause you”ll never find me at the gym. I haven”t worked out a day in my life. I know this is surprising to anyone that knows me being that I”m so naturally diesel but it”s true. But apparently, anyone that wears sneakers on all occasions instead of shoes that I probably would wear to a senior prom is going to the gym. Well, excuse me and all the other people who have common sense not to waste their best attire on a poli sci lecture. This is not to say that I don”t care about my appearance. I do. I just don”t think that the only way to measure someone”s attractiveness is how tight their pants are or how high their heels are.

Actually, I think this whole dressing up thing is a double standard. A guy can go to class, go to the gym, and then go to the bar all in the same outfit. He can get away with it. It doesn”t matter if he approaches a bouncer on a Friday night wearing jeans and t-shirt that probably haven”t been washed in days. Yet, when I come to the bar in my sneakers and jeans with a simple white Hanes tank top I can easily be singled out for my overtly casual attire. This bouncer will most likely assume I”m not as ready to party as the girl next to me looking like she”s ready to go to a Hollywood movie premiere. Is this justice? I think not.

But the real question is if guys can get away with wearing the same casual clothes for any occasion then why do some guys feel the need to wear all black with tight shirts and gold belts? What”s with those guys? They”re really creating more trouble for themselves than they have to. And another thing: Watch it with those spikes in your hair, guys. I mean, you could poke my eye out with the amount of gel you”ve greased yourself up with.

Obviously people are going to wear what they want. And if you want to wear designer labels and tight fitting clothes when you”re taking your biology test and when you”re at a frat party that”s your prerogative. But, take it from me, this is unnecessary. Don”t waste your time getting decked out for class. This takes too much effort. Sleep in, save yourself the trouble. Chances are you”re going to go home at the end of the day, when you”re in the privacy of your own dorm room or apartment, and put on your Michigan sweatpants anyway. So why create so much laundry for yourself?

The point is, even though I may not always be wearing the stereotypical “sorority girl” outfit of tight black pants and boots, I can still look put together in my sneakers and jeans. The difference between me and those other girls is that I”ll be comfortable after a long night of dancing, and I probably won”t care if some drunken frat guy spills his beer on me. Wait, I”ll care “cause this guy should watch where he”s going, but at least I won”t have ruined my best clothes on a Thursday night at ZBT. So the next time you get dressed in the morning or scrounge around in your closet for something to wear this weekend, remember that sometimes less is more. And let”s be honest, hopefully you won”t have your clothes on for long anyway.

Rebecca Isenberg can be reached via e-mail at risenber@umich.edu.

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