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Question: What does Chris Perry order at Wendy’s?

Answer: According to Perry, before his grueling summer training regimen, he ate just about everything at Wendy’s. Perry, who trimmed down significantly in order to get in shape, said that the main difference in his diet is that he no longer “Biggie Sizes” his order.

Question: Why isn’t Michigan playing more man-to-man coverage on defense to take advantage of cover corners like Marlin Jackson?

Answer: Against Purdue and Iowa, Michigan went to the zone to try and take away the mobile quarterback. Jackson said after the Iowa debacle that he feels more comfortable in man-to-man coverage. But with Damon Dowdell at quarterback for Michigan State, you could see more zone from the Michigan defense, this weekend.

Question: Between defensive plays, why do three or four more guys run onto the field and then just run off without getting into the huddle?

Answer: You can only have 11 guys in the huddle, or you get a penalty, so Michigan has the 9-10 players who are definitely staying in the game get in the huddle. Once the formation is called, they make the necessary switches to get the right guys on the field.

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