After Michigan scores a goal: After the band plays “The Victors,” hold up the number of goals Michigan has on your fingers. After the announcer gives the details of the goal, someone in the band will say “Goal count! Ready?” Then count the goals, and point to the opposing goalie (for example, Lake Superior State’s Matt Violin, left), saying “We want mooooore goals! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! Sieve! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!”

Paul Wong

When an opponent gets a penalty: As soon as the ref indicates a penalty, start waving at the player and yell “ooooohhh…” until he steps in the box, then yell “See ya! Chump, dick, wuss, douchebag, asshole, prick, cheater, bitch, whore!”

When the opposing goalie takes off his mask: Chant “Ugly goalie!” When he puts his mask back on, start cheering.

With 1:05 left in the period: Yell “How … much … time … is … left?” The announcer will say “Last minute to play in the period.” Yell “Thank you!”

If the ref makes a bad call: Chant “Ref you suck!” or “We want Shegos!” (Shegos is in reference to a very pro-Michigan referee. There is a second Shegos however who was known for anti-Michigan calls).

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