Engineering junior Joel Wollborg said the strongest point of the Yeza party”s platform is the fact that none of the Yeza candidates running for the Michigan Student Assembly seats have had any experience with MSA at all.

“None of us have done this before, but we consider that an asset to our campaign,” said Wollborg.

“We just got sick and tired of all the politics on campus,” Wollborg said. “The people playing politician should be more focused on what the University”s students need.”

The meaning of the word “Yeza” has been a question on many other candidates” minds.

“The word Yeza means many things to many people,” said candidate Dave Sackett, an LSA senior. “I like to think of it as a feeling of camaraderie, an ideal of friendship and love.”

The 12 men in the party formed the group during their freshman year when they lived together in South Quad Residence Hall, but said they had no interest in student politics at the time.

The Yeza candidates want to assure students they are not running as a joke.

“We”re not trying to do what the FRAT party did,” Sackett said, referring to the Friends Rebelling Against Tyranny Party that ran in last year”s MSA presidential election on platforms of afternoon recess and free pizza. “But we”re not taking it with such gravity that what we do is so earth shattering everybody has to pay attention to us. Yeza is a bunch of average guys who think we can approach things wisely.”

Yeza is not advertising its campaign on campus as the other parties are.

“The campus is inundated with these (campaign advertisements) and it”s like everyone is shouting,” Sackett said. “When they”re all shouting, you can”t hear anything.” Sackett said the Yeza candidates “also don”t want to saturate the campus with such nonsense. We”re students and we have classes and other things to do.”

“All the other parties agree issuing resolutions against sanctions in Iraq are pointless and they”re ashamed of it, but the same people who broke the machine are trying to fix it,” Wollborg said.

Yeza has decided that on a few main goals they would like to pursue if they are elected.

Wollborg said his party is interested in making sure the University attracts better quality graduate student instructors.

“The GSIs, particularly the math department GSIs, seem to be less than adequate,” Wollborg said. “I”m running as an engineer, and everyone in my college has to take math through at least calculus Math 216 and most graduate students have to do a semester or two of teaching even though they might not be good at it or want to.”

Sackett said his party”s other goal is to ask that new dorms be built new for upperclass students.

“Less than half of the undergrads can live in the dorms,” Sackett said. “And if you live off campus, a lot of people you are friends with are separated from you geographically.”

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