Editors’ Note

To our readers,

As we approach the end of the school year, we’re always amazed by how fast it all went by. Being a full time student can be overwhelming at times, memories of the year just a hectic blur. With this week’s issue of The Statement we aim to capture those memories, to intricately piece together the stories and events of the past year at the University of Michigan.

The Michigan Daily photography staff takes thousands of photos every year — images of sporting events and notable campus speakers, scenes of campus life and Ann Arbor culture.

What follows on these pages is anything but an exhaustive list of the past year, but more of brief snapshots of some of the most defining moments. Hopefully you’ll recall some of these images. Or maybe you’ll be introduced to them for the first time. But either way, we hope you enjoy some of the best work produced by Daily photographers this year.

Trevor Calero, magazine editor, and Max Collins and Sam Wolson, managing photo editors

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