DJ Graffiti will be fine. How about the rest of you?

Jason Pesick
<p>Courtesy of djgraffiti.com</p>

What follows may impress or intimidate, and once you learn more about DJ Graffiti – a talented and respected professional disc jockey who is the chief executive of Rapture Enterprises LLC, whose University B.B.A. recognizes the accomplishment of “Martin Lenon Smith,” and whose Michigan law degree will say the same thing when he receives it in May – you may feel as though you aren’t doing enough with your life.

Graffiti? He definitely is. Admittedly prone to procrastination, Graf forces time efficiency upon himself each week through a rigorous and often unrelenting schedule that includes an almost-nightly performance docket and close to 20 hours of class time requiring a commensurate number of additional hours for homework and preparation. Graffiti fills his modest amount of remaining free time sleeping or promoting Rapture events like the parties it throws in conjunction with Tribe Entertainment – hip-hop nights each Wednesday at Touchdown Caf

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