The titans have been released, and the gods need Perseus’s (Sam Worthington, “Avatar”) help to put them back in their place.

Wrath of the Titans

Warner Bros.

Forget that critics panned the first movie, and that Sam Worthington has the acting ability of a handsome rock. Just for a moment pretend and hope that the movie could live up to the trailer.

A rag-tag group of demi-gods, warrior-queens and fallen deities battling cyclops and other monsters in Greek ruins and spooky forests has potential.

And the trailer gives us glimpses of promise: Poseidon’s son gripping his father’s trident as it sears his hand with a look of pure terror on his face, Perseus and Andromeda being crushed between stone walls (reminiscent of “Star Wars”) as they reach out desperately, a cloaked Hades (Ralph Fiennes) in a field of fire — come on, it seems cool.

Expect the movie to be mediocre, but at least the trailer makes you want to strap on a sword and sandals and hunt down some harpies.

And really, what more can you ask of it?

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