Over the years the sunshine state has brought us a variety of sonic forces and with newcomers, The Apex Theory, the trend in positive production has not stopped. Described as a “heavy Mediterranean groove” by lead vocalist Andy Khachaturian, The Apex Theory combines a heavy drum support, melodic guitars and honey sweet vocals to provide an entertaining and emotional message.

Paul Wong
Khachaturian wonders how in the hell to pronounce his name<br><br>JOHN PRATT/Daily

At first glance The Apex Theory”s musical variety which moved an energetic near capacity crowd to a mosh is a refreshingly unique sound. They entertained the incredibly diverse audience composed not only of teens, but also included a few older folk with at least a dozen in their mid-30s.

The Apex Theory is heavily influenced by Khachaturian, drawn from his and bassist David Hakopyan and drummer Sammy Watson”s experiences growing up with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Near Eastern music.

“What I can remember from when I was younger is running around the house listening to Armenian or Mediterranean music and I think that influence is obvious in our music. You can hear it in the melodies,” said Khachaturian. The polyrhythms and dynamic sensitivity work together to create a new harmony that makes this n-metal crossover band stand out from the mostly distorted playmates.

Aside from providing a new and unique sound, perhaps the success of this newcomer to the commercial circuit has more to do with their fusion as a whole. “Writing a song happens in many different ways. We work off each other”s energy and bring in ideas and let it have a life of its own,” commented Khachaturian.

“You take experiences and filter them through your ears and mind and heart and out comes music,” he continued. “The only formula we have is no formula at all,” added Hakopyan, and the pure energy of The Apex Theory”s live performance certainly reflects their motivation of “geting outside and breathing and hoping things are better today. Trying to make it a little better thinking in your head that if I do this it might help out in the grand scheme of things.”

Hyper and energetic on stage, the boys did more than stand around and just play their instruments. Dressed in a flowing blue robe-like outfit, the platinum blond Khachaturian took time to talk to the audience between his hopping and dancing about the front of St. Andrews and even provided a killer keyboarding performance.

Supported by the talent and charisma of his bandmates, The Apex Theory gave one hell of a live show getting everyone in the building to their feet and building a platform of positive energy for the remainder of the evening.

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