SAGINAW – Not only did Wednesday’s press conference feature a huge signing for the Michigan football team, it also featured predictions for next season. LaMarr Woodley and Jerome Jackson’s Saginaw High School teammate, Anthony Rogers, who committed to Central Michigan, was asked his thoughts on the August 30, 2003 Central Michigan vs. Michigan showdown.

“Action Jackson, he’s got a lot to say,” Rodgers said, prompting laughter from the media and the two Michigan signees. “They’re good competitors, but we’re going to win.” Central Michigan has never beaten Michigan, losing 27-0 in the schools’ last meeting in 1931.

As for other predictions, University of Southern California coach Pete Carroll had one for Woodley, after Woodley informed Carroll of his decision.

“I called him and I said, ‘Coach Carroll, I ain’t coming down there,'” Woodley said. “He told me good luck wherever I go and that he was gonna kick my butt in the Rose Bowl.”

SPARTAN PRESSURE: Woodley was initially heavily recruited by Michigan State, and the influence of players from Saginaw High played a huge role in that process. “It was (Charles) Rogers, (Jeremiah) McLaurin, (Ronald) Stanley, and (Monquiz) Wedlow,” Woodley said. “They surrounded me, and said, ‘You better pick Michigan State.'”

But after the firing of Michigan State coach Bobby Williams, the pressure from the players decreased. “When I talked to Rogers on my visit, he just told me to make the best choice for me,” Woodley said.

For Woodley, the No. 2 outside linebacker according to ESPN recruiting analyst Tom Lemming, his best choice was to play in the Big House this fall.

HOOPIN IT UP: Does LaMarr Woodley have aspirations of suiting up for Michigan basketball coach Tommy Amaker?

“Growing up I always had basketball dreams. I thought I was a basketball player,” Woodley said. “Then I got to high school, and I wasn’t growing anymore. I was just getting wide, and I just figured I was a football player. When I saw the movie ‘He Got Game,’ I thought, ‘That ain’t real.’ But it was real. Everything that was happening in that movie really happened. And now that I’m in that position, it still doesn’t seem real to me.”

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